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  1. Socrat3s

    Socrat3s Well-Known Member

    This how to tether on 2.3.4, and yes it works on stock and custom ROMS! :D

    open SQlite editor or (download it from 4shared or the market) and scroll to Settings Storage (com.motorola.android.provider.settings)
    2. click settings.db
    3. click settings
    4. go to Line labled Entitlement Check with a value of 1 *EDIT* (People are reporting different line numbers based off build etc, JUST Find "entitlement check")
    5. Change value from 1 to "disabled" (without quotes)
    6. reboot
    7. enjoyer on 2.3.4 here is how
    Enable tethering on Motorola Atrix 4G after 4.5.91 update | NutshellTek
    credit goes too

  2. WolfmanRobby

    WolfmanRobby Well-Known Member

    I do believe this thread violates the sites rules (I'll leave that up to the Mods to decide),
    However, in another thread on this matter, I've posted the below, and it's been QUOTED and used by Mod's in threads similar to this. Including the one by the same name you just posted this in...

  3. Socrat3s

    Socrat3s Well-Known Member

    Well thanks, I don't pay attention to all of the rules but good to know this wasn't acceptable

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