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  1. vryjellis

    vryjellis New Member

    My phone has serious problems staying connected to the internet while tethering or the hotspot is active. It seems that after every five or so minutes of being online, it forgets that it needs to stay connected and disconnects, not even trying to reconnect on its own as I unknowingly refresh all of my pages before realizing the problem. Please help! If anyone knows of settings to fix this, our maybe just an app to help it FOCUS on what it's doing connected to my computer.

  2. jmjf7

    jmjf7 New Member

    If you have a battery saving app like juice defender or an auto task killler it may be stopping it
  3. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor


    Auto Task Killers and Juice Defender apps hurt more than they help, despite the popular urban myths about them.

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