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Tethering/Hotspot for EVO

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  1. Litespeed

    Litespeed New Member

    I'm one of the people that will use the tethering feature. I frequently travel. A few weeks before the EVO was realeased I bought a Overdrive card. With the Overdrive card I had speeds of 6+ megs! It was great. When the EVO was released I wanted an "all in one device" so I didn't have to juggle laptops, phone, data cards, iPad etc. One device up to 8 connections. Sold!

    Well let's say the EVO tethering isn't living up to the promise that Sprint says. 4G connection is supposed to be speeds "up to 10Mbps". Why is it when I tether I only can download at 300Kbps? This is on my 4G connection.. Doesn't matter time of day, or exact location (Schaumburg Illinois). This is really unexceptable.. I pay the money for this feature, but not to be throttled down to to a 300Kbps connection.

    Do some searching online. You will see others with the same gripe as me. I work hard for the money. I want to utilize the service and level of service I'm paying for. I did run my own test too. I ordered another EVO. Separate
    number. Same features as my primary. Wireless Tethered through Sprint
    hotspot to my laptop. Tried to download from my FTP server. Same speed as
    my primary.

    So I ask what gives? I left verizon nearly a year ago, because of the level of
    "nickel and dimming" they do. I have been one of the the biggest Sprint
    backer since I bought my Pre, Hero and now EVO. I sure hope I don't find out
    they are throttling my connection "unlimited" 4G connection. I will challenge
    them with the facts I have compiled over the last few weeks. The term
    "unlimited" is so dangerous for an ISP.. They might be able to establish an
    unlimited connection for all as long as they throttle back the service to
    300Kbps. If that is the case they need to advertise up to 10Mbps, but for our " unlimited data plan on 4G" maximum download speeds are only 300Kbps.

    Looking forward to comments about Sprints (TOS). Rememer the level of
    service they promise to paying customers.


  2. Braaainz

    Braaainz Well-Known Member

    Litespeed,just curious... how much data do you usually average in a month?
  3. weird...i'm just west of you and have no problems pulling good speeds when tethered. i typically get 3-4 megs via speedtest.net, but have hit 5
  4. funny thing..

    i tether at night and so far this month, i'm at 500megs, teh gf, who has only tethered once or twice is at 775 megs. streaming radio is a killer
  5. maxx2496

    maxx2496 Active Member

    Just FYI the last i remember, Sprint will be throttling data as other carriers do as well. If what i read online is correct. I don't remember if i read an article on Engadget or somewhere else. And just to defend my point, If sprint doesnt want customers to use Tethering without paying the $30 Hotspot feature then they should have restricted it on the EVO before releasing the device. It's their mistake and flaw not the customers.. And why do i read online on many different sites that tethering is actually permitted without needing to buy the hotspot feature???? Can anyone validate this? Some people say that tethering is supported free on a 4G connection and 5 Gig cap on 3G conn. But the last time i checked, tethering doesnt work without having 4G on. Maybe im just reading the wrong things i dont know..........My biggest thing is -i am able to tether without having the hotspot feature and then its my fault im using it because it isnt disabled by the company that wants to restrict it....To me that sounds like a company discrepancy prob. not mine.....And plus when Froyo comes out for the EVO what will the situation with tethering be then??
  6. Litespeed

    Litespeed New Member

    On average 1.5 -2.5gigs/per month mixed between 3G and 4G. When I travel most hotels have acceptable speeds, but some don't that is when i would connect. Most of my connection is for an exchange server, cisco VPN. I sometimes struggle with that.. When it comes to moving files over the VPN it's painful.

    As stated earlier my overdrive card was fast no comparision. I really should have kept it and just kept my hero. It would have been nearly the same $$ per month when it's all said and done. I'm just worried that Sprint might be starting to go through growing pains as AT&T did with the iPhone. Remember too I bought another EVO to check and see if I hit some limit in bandwidth. The new EVO and phone number performed the same as my primary line EVO.

    Nothing in this world is "unlimited" especially bandwidth. Last mile connections are cheaper then they were, but still pricey depending on the level of service.

    Sprint to start throttling data speeds?

    Search Android Central some others are nearly the exact speed as me.
  7. Braaainz

    Braaainz Well-Known Member

    Don't believe everything you read online. You signed a written contract, look at that first and foremost.

    As to Sprint being at fault for having/letting an option exist, does that mean if I leave my front door unlocked that you should be allowed to move into my home without my permission?

    If you drive past a roadside vegetable-stand which has a sign for "4 tomatoes for a dollar", a jar of cash and a large basket of tomatoes, you could take more tomatoes than a dollars worth, but is that right/moral/ethical?
  8. BKBitar

    BKBitar Well-Known Member

    Sprint says it will allow PDAnet tethering on EVO 4G, suggests it will also allow built-in Wi-Fi mobile hotspot capability in 2.2 'Froyo' update for Android | TECHNOLOGY Blog | dallasnews.com

    "So I asked Crystal Davis, my official contact at Sprint, about both those issues, and it sounds like good news all around for EVO buyers:

    There's a difference between tethering (which the PDAnet app provides) and Mobile Hotspot (which HTC EVO 4G provides without needing to download an app). The PDAnet app requires a connection with either a USB cable or Bluetooth, so it can only provide connectivity for one device at a time. Therefore, the app wouldn't be a solution for someone who wants connectivity for multiple devices at once. In contrast, the 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot provides WiFi connectivity, so it can support multiple devices (up to 8) at once, without a need for a USB or Bluetooth connection.
    In regards to Froyo 2.2, it has not been released yet, so we can['t] make any assessments on that particular application. Sprint has always communicated to its customers that it does not block apps. We want our customers to be able to get access to what they want and enjoy a true Web experience on their mobile device, although we cannot guarantee the performance a customer will experience with third-party applications.

    So it sounds like PDAnet will definitely be allowed."

    Don't know how correct this is, but should add something to the conversation.
  9. Braaainz

    Braaainz Well-Known Member

    Your data usage sounds reasonable, maybe their network is being bogged down in your area.

    I had sprint's unlimited phone as modem previously, and my internet is far faster thru my Evo.

    In fact, my 3g connection is faster than what I usually get thru my work's WiFi network.
  10. Smiles

    Smiles Active Member

    EVO tethering IS allowed by Sprint, I use it exclusively while travelling. How to connect it IS described in the documentation that comes with the phone. You simply in install the HTC Sync software on your PC that is supplied on the SD card of the phone. When you connect the phone to the PC, the HTC Sync asks if you want to do 1 of 4 options. The last option is "share internet connection". It works on 3G or 4G. You have to have 4G on of course to use the 4G. It was very simple to set up and works great. Your phone even charges while connected this way.
  11. Braaainz

    Braaainz Well-Known Member

    The manual is HTC's not Sprint's. That is an important distinction.
  12. nizmoz

    nizmoz Well-Known Member

    Ahh so you just admitted you were wrong. Great way to ruin a thread like you did earlier.
  13. peepeesea

    peepeesea Member

    a few things that may interest the OP
    First off, you can tether through USB using PDAnet and Easy Tether without being rooted. however they both require client software on the machine you are tethered to. and they both filter https unless you pay 10$ for the app.

    if you root, you can install a wired tether app Here Android Wired Tether is patched and working for Evo - xda-developers

    i have done this and it works like a phone as modem and is very easy to install

    whether or not Sprint is going to find out i cant say... i have used my TP to tether USB to my computer for over 2 years and i never received any warning letter or cap on my data. granted i didn't do serious amounts of downloading just basic web browsing and downloading the occasional app.

    my questions is how can they tell you have your device tethered? exsesive amounts of data usage maybe? but that does prove you have the phone tethered.
  14. i'm guessing in the new tech age, they can find out anything that you do with your phone.

    anyways, when i signed my stuff at the store, there wasn't anything in the paper work that i recieved that mentioned tethering.

    i will continue to use the built in tether app and if it stops working, i will go the pdanet route.
  15. Bihl

    Bihl New Member

    I was at the sprint store, and they said, it cost $29.99 but there is an app you can download and its free, and doesn't charge to your account monthly, so it is free for mobile tethering or hotspotting. And they don't care, the sprint store employee downloaded the app for me and connected me to my ipod through my Evo Shift.
  16. theamishninja

    theamishninja Member

    I've been using my EVO as my only internet connection since I got it in October 2010, no issues so far. I'm rooted with the wireless tether app. Works for my PS3 too.
  17. mdizzle99

    mdizzle99 Well-Known Member

    I'm sure they were referring to the apps that don't require rooting - easytether and pdanet. Although many sprint people don't care if you root and use the wireless tether app etc, some do care and can flag your device.
  18. Name of the app please and thanks
  19. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

    Tethering and hotspotting are not one in the same. Tethering is one device. Hotspotting is multiple. Tethering, via PDaNet and EasyTether, can be done free or paid. Free versions don't give access to secured sites (for shopping and account management and usally marked by https) but are fine for general surfing.

    Not sure how/if Sprint can tell with one device wire-tethered or bluetooth-tethered.

    The Sprint Hotspot connection enables use of 8 devices via wireless tethering from Evo. It's worth it when you need it as it can be turned on/off according to your needs. It's just that the fee is monthly even though you may only need it for one or a few days (as on a business trip). For business, it's actually quite a good bargain as hotel wifi can be as expensive, not as fast and reliable, and limited to the connections/ports in your room usually no more than 2.
  20. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    Personally, I just don't see the logic behind them only charging for their hotpsot service. I would think their issue would be with any and all data not consumed directly on the phone itself. FWIW, I have used the hotpsot feature many times. I am not sure what the limiting factor is, but it is available in stock and some custom ROMs and I have never been charged extra for it.
  21. marvinlh

    marvinlh Well-Known Member

    i use the visionary app to temp root & wireless teether,i rarely teether to a lab top......i teether to my PS3, and mainly use it to play online...i have checked my data usage or the past few months and my data usage didnt go up at all.....would sprint still be able to track it down??
  22. fullcity

    fullcity Active Member

    That's not true. Sprint allows you to activate the hot spot service for as long or short as you want and you pay a prorated amount. Last month I went to Vegas for 5 days and I had the hot spot for my ipad, which was great because I could stream Netflix at 4g with no problem. I cancelled the service when I got home, and Sprint only billed me for those 5 days.
  23. TheEngineer

    TheEngineer Well-Known Member

    Fullcity is correct.
  24. arnezie

    arnezie Member

    You went to Vegas and watched movies??????? What's wrong with you ??:confused:
    ScorpDX likes this.
  25. fullcity

    fullcity Active Member

    LOL, my 6 and 8 year olds watched Netflix while I was at the poker tables (that is, when I could convince my wife it was her turn to take over babysitting duties)!

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