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  1. DaemonSambe

    DaemonSambe Member

    I'm having some issues with tethering my Motion 4g on MetroPCS, that hopefully someone can help with.

    I'll say, first off, that tethering itself is fine. Bitorrent downloads from my laptop are 400kb, which is lower than the 4mb the phone gets, but whatever. I'm not worried about that. My WorldofWarcraft gaming is fine, with 150ms avg ping time, so again, not worried about that.

    My problem is that websites do not load, pretty much ever. Using Firefox, Chrome, IE9, anything... If i let the site sit there for 5mins, i *may* get some textual content, but the page itself never finishes loading. Sometimes, i can get gmail/gvoice to load, but so far, that's the only page that has ever completed.

    I've tried changing the dns servers on my laptop, using: and a couple from my pcs at work, as well, as the free wifi nearby. Results are the same.

    I've used, primarily the 4g Mobile Hotspot app that's preloaded, but also pdaNet and Foxfi. I've used wifi and usb tethering. All results are the same.

    Again, the *only* issue is websites will not load. Even though i can ping gmail with 100ms return, it won't load everytime, and when the few times it does load, it's still more than a min. I can ping mmo-champion, but it's never loaded (graphics/video heavy). Engadget has never loaded.

    While i'm trying this on my laptop, i'm also loading it on the phone, which, of course, is fine.

    Anyone have ideas to help?


  2. johnnyolivares

    johnnyolivares Well-Known Member

    Have you put a user agent on your web browser?
  3. DaemonSambe

    DaemonSambe Member

    I did actually, although i didn't think it was necessary as i'm not trying to hide tethering from MetroPCS or anything; it's part of my data plan.
    However, it had no effect on things.
  4. DaemonSambe

    DaemonSambe Member


    So it turns out that it was the User Agent. I didn't realize it wasn't setting the UA from the addon options menu, since i hide menus, i didn't even see the Tools menu option.

    I changed it to Googlebot 2.1 and everything is as it should be. Thanks.

    Next question being, is there any way to make this change permanent? It seems to reset on browser resets, and i want to ditch the Menus...

    Much Thanks

  5. ninjasinabag

    ninjasinabag Well-Known Member

    You could find a browser that has it automatically set As a mobile agent, but otherwise....no.
    The opposite happens on my phone, if I set the user agent to show full desktop, it gives me a tethering warning and won't show the site.
  6. DaemonSambe

    DaemonSambe Member

    What i don't understand, is how they can say that tethering is allowed, give you an app to do it, then require the browser to be changed in such a way. Why doesn't the default browser setting work, since random people trying to tether to a phone won't be looking for browser agents and the like.

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