Tethering or wi-fi hot spot to a Mac

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  1. bboyswoosh87

    bboyswoosh87 Member

    So, I just read on cnet that I cannot tether my Macbook pro or any Mac Os x products is this true. Thats weird since I can do it on my Nexus One. Can anyone tell me if this is true I was thinking of upgrading to the Nexus S, but that is one feature I do not want to give up. I tether my macbook at school using my Nexus one and its really useful.

    Heres the link to the story
    Tethering and a hot spot on the Nexus S | Android Atlas - CNET Blogs

  2. B2L

    B2L Well-Known Member

    I have tried looking everywhere. And as far as I know that is correct. All the articles i read say Macs don't allow usb tethering.
  3. quantumrand

    quantumrand Well-Known Member

    You should still be able to do Wi-Fi tethering, I'd imagine.
  4. bboyswoosh87

    bboyswoosh87 Member

    It says both don't work that pretty much means i won't be upgrading.
  5. quantumrand

    quantumrand Well-Known Member

    When tethering wirelessly, the Nexus S just makes your usual Wi-Fi hotspot. I suppose I could see OSX being particular about what hotspots it lets you connect to, but it would be Apple's fault, not Android's.
  6. TOR

    TOR Well-Known Member

    I've successfully done wi-fi tethering on my Nexus One, so I can't see why it should be different for the Nexus S. As for USB I can't honestly say sorry.
  7. shikem

    shikem Well-Known Member

    I can tether my iPhone to my Nexus S wirelessly using the wifi hot spot with no problem.
  8. smileman

    smileman Well-Known Member

    I tether my Nexus S and MacBook Air and it works great.
  9. quantumrand

    quantumrand Well-Known Member

    There we go. Seems the Mac user in the review just didn't know what he was talking about.
  10. nickmv

    nickmv Member

    Yeah that's complete BS. I've tethered my NS using WiFi hotspot to my Macbook Pro several times, and it works great. Now USB is another story, but I don't see the point when the hotspot feature is there. You CAN tether using USB, but it seems that the guide I read about it was quite complicated and involved using a command line and way too many steps. Some people will argue that you can charge while doing USB tethering, but last time I checked, you can plug the phone in while doing WiFi hotspot as well.

    I rarely trust anything Cnet says
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  11. bboyswoosh87

    bboyswoosh87 Member

    Thanks a lot this was really helpful looks like i'll be upgrading to a Nexus S
  12. JoelB84

    JoelB84 Member

    I have a Dell Laptop and my daughters have a Macbook Pro and I've been able to tether to them both (simultaneously even!)
  13. QuasarZ

    QuasarZ Active Member

    I know this is late to the party but I just ran into this issue right now and found this thread while I was searching on now to tether lol. I can confirm that just plugging in the usb alone will not tether. I did not dig any deeper into the usb tether because hotspot works great. I am using wifi hotspot now to type this. I just turned on the hotspot feature and my mac found it right away.
  14. buckiesw16

    buckiesw16 New Member

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