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Tethering stops other USB devices working!Support

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  1. neural_jam

    neural_jam New Member

    Ok, so I've got a problem that seems fairly unique (been searching around for ages, can't find any posts with a similar problem).

    When I use my Desire for tethering, it works fine, but if I plug another USB device in, the PC comes up with an error saying that "the USB device has malfunctioned". This is the same with a USB hard drive and a webcam in windows 7. In XP, plugging another device in stops the internet connection working, although the network icon remains unchanged in the system tray. Can't work out what to do, please help!!

    Apologies, I forgot to add the following info:

    Android Version: 2.2.2
    Network: 3 (UK)
    Taskiller Used?: Advanced Task Killer
    [Optional]Are You rooted & which Rom: Nope

  2. neural_jam

    neural_jam New Member


    It seems that USB flash drives work when I'm tethering, but my webcam and external hard drive don't; so it seems to me that perhaps there's a power drain issue, given that the phone charges when it's plugged in too.
    Anyone got any ideas as to how to solve this apart from buying a PCI USB card?
  3. aztecaa

    aztecaa Member

    I have the same issue! When I plug in my Android it stops my other usb devices from working! But still charges the phone!
    Power issue, I believe!

    So does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this issue?
  4. aztecaa

    aztecaa Member

    UPDATE on tethering issue. MY Cable was bad and so I replaced it and now I have NO more issues with the USB!

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