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  1. Jerry in WA

    Jerry in WA Active Member

    [edit - solved in next post]

    Is anyone successfully tethering a cellphone's 3g/4g to their Transformer wirelessly? How about with the usb cable?

    I'm having trouble getting tethering to work on my new Transformer Prime (ICS 4.0.3).

    I'm trying to connect it to my Samsung Galaxy Prevail (GB 2.3.7). For connecting my laptop or desktop to a tether, I had been using the app Barnacle wifi tether. Sadly, the Transformer (and all androids) can't see my ad-hoc network.

    I'm still trying to make the Google app Android-Wifi-Tether (v3.1 Beta-11) work for tethering in infrastructure mode, something the tablet supports. I've set it to Samsung Indulge and softtap in the settings according to this thread. I set it to channel 6 as well.

    The Prime can see and connect to the network, but I can't access the internet. No traffic.

    The Prime usually shows the wifi bars in blue when its connected to my house. While connected to this (wifi tether) network, it's in grey with little up/down arrows occasionally showing in center.

    Any ideas?

  2. Jerry in WA

    Jerry in WA Active Member

    [SOLVED] Credit goes to forum users Necrotoxin and 82iNqcQP in this thread, I'm just summing it up for dummies like me. ;)

    Use Prevail to create an Infrastructure Network (instead of typical ad-hoc):

    • With a rooted Samsung Galaxy Prevail,
    • On PC (or phone), Download android-wifi-tether from here (direct link) and copy it to your SD card (if on PC).
    • On phone, open File Manager, locate the file you downloaded (Download folder or somewhere on SD card) and install it.
    • Go to Play Store (Google Market) and search for "abd terminal emulator" app and get one. I used the free one listed first.
    • Open the abd emulator and you get a command prompt.
    • Type:
    • get dns
    • Within the text, you should see the Boost Mobile DNS servers #s you'll need. There are a few, The ones you want are paired together and look like mine below. Write them down and exit the app.
    • Mine are:
    • (Yours should look similar)
    • Open the wifi tether app, open settings,
    • Open "Device-Profile"
    • set to Samsung Galaxy Indulge
    • Open "Setup-Method"
    • set to Softap for Samsung (master)
    • Open "Change preferred DNS"
    • set to ...1st # string you wrote down (mine was
    • Open "Change alternate DNS"
    • set to ...2nd # string you wrote down (mine was

      Tether should now work for tablets. Set up encryption within app.

      To Prevent wifi from turning off at phone sleep...:
    • Press Menu hard-key (enter phone settings)
    • open "Settings"
    • Open "Wireless & Networks"
    • Open "Wi-Fi Settings"
    • Press Menu hard-key
    • Open "Advanced"
    • Open "WiFi Sleep policy"
    • set to Never

    After changing those settings, the tether works for everything. Android tablet, laptop, desktop... I hear this network is also good for gaming systems like the PSP, 360, etc which can't see/use ad-hoc tethering... :D
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  3. jzk

    jzk Member

    Here is how I bluetooth tether between the prime and the HTC Thunderbolt (neither are rooted).

    I have PDAnet 3.5 on my Thunderbolt. I have FoxFi on my Thunderbolt.

    I have PDAnet Tablet on the Prime.

    Start PDANet 3.5 on the Thunderbolt. Selecting the Bluetooth DUN button brings up FoxFi. Activate Bluetooth DUN on Foxfi. Configure the first time on PDANet tablet on the prime, then connect.

    Browsing works, youtube works, but exchange email does not.
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  4. Glad you figured it out. I downloaded Open Garden on my rooted Thunderbolt and it works just fine with my unrooted Prime.:)
  5. MNDaveC

    MNDaveC Active Member

    With PDANet, do you have to much with the Prime's network settings when you switch back to a standard wifi connection?
  6. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Haha, the first ever wifi connection on my Prime was from my Nexus. Worked flawlessly. I have had problems in the past with my Flyer and 10.1, using a couple different phones. Glad you got it sorted out.
  7. Lostsorrow

    Lostsorrow Well-Known Member

    What type of phone are you trying to tether to?
  8. Dagr

    Dagr Well-Known Member

    I don't quite get it... what's the advantage of using PDANet vs just using FoxFi directly? I put FoxFi on my Nexus and it tethered perfectly to my Prime. Super easy, non-root solution. It seems to me that PDANet just uses FoxFi anyway, so what's the advantage?
  9. jzk

    jzk Member

    No. That is how it used to be.
  10. jzk

    jzk Member

    I don't see any. The only reason that I mentioned it is because I was trying Foxfi and PDANet independantly. For awhile Foxfi didn't work, but it has been upgraded many times since I installed it.

    So when I tried PDANet, up came FoxFi and it worked. I can do the same directly with FoxFi.
  11. zambonidriver

    zambonidriver Active Member

    I have a rooted nexus and was able to Bluetooth tether and wifi tether a prime today at bestbuy. I was really excited to see that Bluetooth worked since that uses so much less power on the nexus. Speeds were slower in Bluetooth but still adequate at about 2 mps. This may have posted me over the edge and get me to buy.
  12. Shel

    Shel Well-Known Member

    Found out how to tether my Thunderbolt and Transformer Prime a few days ago, using Bluetooth.

    Glad to hear that it uses less battery. Not the fastest connection, but more then adequate in a pinch. No way was I going to pay an additional THIRTY BUCKS a month for wifi hotspot!
  13. Durf

    Durf Well-Known Member

    I have a nexus s and kang ics. Tether by just using the ics built in feature.
    Using Tmo. Speeds are ok for 3g. I don't have the 4g version but the 3g is comparable to dsl.

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  14. eluno

    eluno Well-Known Member

    the new update fixes all the tethering issues. everything works just fine now:)
  15. redheadedguy

    redheadedguy Well-Known Member

    I can't get Prime to Bluetooth to exhibit II. FoxFi works fine without pda net for me. Really would prefer Bluetooth. Less power. Says I have to root Prime to install something that's missing. Is this normal?
  16. mdgreek

    mdgreek Member

    Can you "hard connect" to a PC or Laptop over USB (or some other connection) to access the internet while bypassing the Prime's Wifi?

    Strange question - I know :eek:
  17. liljohn883

    liljohn883 Member

    I have a TMO MyTouch 4G and using the built in wireless hotspot the Prime connects to it with no problems. I use the Toast.net speed test and get between 10 and 15 mbs.
  18. Martex

    Martex New Member

    I have been using the FoxFi on my Thunderbolt and PDANet on my Transformer Prime. The access to the network has worked flawlessly for weeks however I update one or more applications through Google - Play Store and now i can't access the network anymore for any of the applications. I still have access to surf the internet via google however my downloaded applications don't see a network anymore. Has anyone else had this issue with new updates using this connection?

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