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Tethering with Toshiba ThriveSupport

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  1. jrock32

    jrock32 New Member

    I recently rooted by Epic 4g Touch and can tether my laptop via wifi, although I cannot with my Thrieve. When I go to the wireless devices, it does not show up. Any suggestions? If it won't work, has anyone used PDaNet 3.0 and tethered via usb? I'm cool with that too, if the wifi tether won't work.
    Thanks in advance and hi!

  2. toydawg

    toydawg Well-Known Member

    I am able to use WiFi tethering to my 16GB Thrive using my Nexus S. I also tested out PdaNet Tablet (beta), which uses the Bluetooth connection between your phone and Thrive. Just install the same app on both devices, choose the correct "server mode" and "client mode," and it works. I noticed it's not as fast as the WiFi tether and it looks like it currently only supports the Browser, Gmail, and Maps since it's going through the proxy connection. Just make sure when you disable the app on your Thrive, you clear and save the proxy settings so it will work with WiFi again afterwards. Hope this helps!
  3. cinder5fella

    cinder5fella New Member

    I've owned the Toshiba Thrive for about 3 weeks. Talk about frustrated......I cannot teather, link or whatever or locate a printer network driver to connect my tablet to my Canon MP495 printer. I do not own an android phone but I was told I only need a laptop or PC. Another techie person told me I needed a wireless router to broadcast a wireless system and the laptop would be used for about 1 hr. to set it up. Does any of this make sense to you guru people? I just want to print from my tablet to my Canon wifi printer....so simple yet sooooo complicated. Does someone have to write or develop the software before this can work?..
  4. BullyDog

    BullyDog New Member

    I have tried with great frustration to to get my Thrive tethered with my Dinc2.

    I finally rooted my handset and installed the Open Garden app.


    Only method I've had any success with.
  5. AlPeaston

    AlPeaston New Member

  6. markdmac

    markdmac Well-Known Member

    Cinder5fella. You need to use Chrome on your PC and setup google cloud printing. I did that and my Thrive printsbfine in those apps that support printing. As for tethering, you just need to find an application for your phone that works. On my Galaxy Nexus Prime I found nearly all tether apps did not work with ICS, but did find that "Easy WiFi Tether" which is free in the market works great with my phone and Thrive.

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