tetherxp.inf for Windows XP

How long is too long to tether ?

  1. does it use up my 1GB Data plan

  2. WiFi does NOT use up my 1GB Data plan

  3. keeps phone charged while tethered with USB

  4. can i still receive phone calls


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  1. BERN-ie5

    BERN-ie5 Member

    A friend gave me his old office computer. It has Windows XP in it, but no way to connect to my home WiFi network. My HDTV, & PS3 connect no problem wirelessly. So apparently I need the computer to have this file/program called "tetherxp.inf" installed in it. So what i've done is download the program from the web using my phone. Its now sitting in my phone & I dont know how to transfer the program to the computer ~ I am computer illiterate, so when i plug the phone to the computer clicking on USB mass storage ~ the computer sees/reckognises the phone ~ but i dont know how to transfer the file from the phone into the computer *?:confused::confused:

  2. GelyE21

    GelyE21 New Member

    Hi:), I'm new at this site & I don't know anyone or anything arround here. well you know... It happens that I have the same problem like you... I download the tetherxp.inf application to my phone& i'm stock there 'cause I can't transfer the file to my
    old computer nether so I thaugh I can write you, hope you don't mind.....:rolleyes: maybe we can shear tips.
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  3. waeltex

    waeltex New Member

    How to dowenload the tetherxp.inf file to my pc to make the my glaxay w work as a modem to my pc work with windos xp
  4. jody stevens

    jody stevens New Member

    hey guys, i have the answer to your problems but apparently seeing as i am a new user i cannot post links lol...
    i will post again tomorrow and try again.

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