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Texdro - Text message app for PC

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  1. crackedsun

    crackedsun Member


    I've been developing this app for a while now. Texdro makes it possible to receive an MSN-like notification on your computer as you receive a text message on your phone. If you click the notification you can send back a response.

    More features like conversations and such will come.

    Info and download link here: Texdro

    Please give me feedback! : )

    EDIT: Sorry! I completely missed the "Alpha & Beta Testing" forum. Any mod could move it there.

  2. crackedsun

    crackedsun Member

  3. jwmacdon1231

    jwmacdon1231 Well-Known Member

    Just downloaded your app. I'm loving it so far. It is extremely responsive. Right when I get a text on my phone, it pops up on my computer. Great job!!!
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  4. crackedsun

    crackedsun Member

    Thank you :D
  5. prerunnerseth

    prerunnerseth Well-Known Member

    No way to initiate a new SMS from the app?


    Nevermind... saw that its coming... waiting for the wife to text back and see if its working.
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  6. contagous

    contagous Well-Known Member

    Anyone got screenshots of this working? would love to see it, and not got phone atm...
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  7. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    brilliant idea, although i don't have a use for it myself its great thinking outside the box :p
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  8. the_r_sole

    the_r_sole Member

    downloaded this, but gave up after about an hour of trying to get it to work, password is correct, ip is correct, have opened ports on the router but the phone app will not connect to the desktop, maybe it's something to do with the hero...
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  9. crackedsun

    crackedsun Member

    Here's a few screenshots.. Pretty hard to prove that it's working by screenshots though, but i can assure you, it does!

    Imageshack - screen1eo.jpg
    Imageshack - screen2de.jpg
    Imageshack - screen3ls.png

    The answer popup will not look like that in the future, It'll be more like an MSN conversation.
    You wont need to open any ports. How did the IP you entered look like? What OS are you using?
  10. the_r_sole

    the_r_sole Member

    using xp pro - the ip that it gave me to enter was
    if that looks right, it may actually be a router hardware fault (provided by my isp and is getting replaced shortly for other reasons....) but i'll try it again once the replacement is in place if the ip looks ok
  11. crackedsun

    crackedsun Member

    Actually that does not look right. Is that the IP my applications claims you have? If so, please look at Texdro to get your IP manually.
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  12. the_r_sole

    the_r_sole Member

    that seems to have worked, i think my network settings on the computer have confused the app, i have a leaf networks adapter installed as well as the lan so i gues it just picks the first one on the list?
    if i go to "show my ip" it still shows the 5.168.... but shows as connected, just waiting for a text now :)
  13. crackedsun

    crackedsun Member

    Okay, that should explain it. Glad to see it works! You can always text yourself ;)
  14. TimonD

    TimonD New Member

    I don't know how to enter IP-adress in my htc-magic... Would love to try this app...
  15. TimonD

    TimonD New Member

    Found it. But i can't connect.
    Error: Failed to connect to the server please make sure the desktop application is running(how can you now if the application is running).
  16. twixxy010

    twixxy010 Member

    I would really like to try this application, but when I try to run the desktop client the message "Invalid or corrupt jarfile" comes up. Could you possibly provide a link to a fixed .jar file? Thanks
  17. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

    Hay! I was wondering if there was an app like this. I used Blurts when I was running a BlackBerry and loved it. I'll play with Texdro tonight and see how it works.
  18. borateen

    borateen Member

    Updates stopped coming. Then, the website went down. Now it's gone from the market. And no word from the dev via twitter or anything. This program had great potential and just needed bug fixes as they arose. It was my favorite SMS desktop app. I'd like to know why it's gone since I paid money for it.
  19. roost9in

    roost9in New Member

    I only bought the PRO version a few weeks ago, so the website went back up since the last post and is now down again.

    Now that I have been using it a while the response time is getting slower and I have to spend more time scrolling to the bottom. I would like to address the issue. It would even be acceptable if only 100 messages were saved in the history, or something similar.

    Great app! I use it every day at work. Please don't drop support.

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