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  1. brettmc

    brettmc Active Member

    update at post 13

    What text app works with the g pro? What are you using?

    I had handcent but it would decide who to send texts to, not me. So i uninstalled.

  2. brettmc

    brettmc Active Member


    anyone else?
  3. Kaat72

    Kaat72 Take a deep breath Guide

    Google Hangouts offers an sms option.
  4. Nelimungous

    Nelimungous Active Member

    IMO Handcent is the way to go. NOT the 5.0 version though. I use the 4.9.1 version and it works great. I have tried sooo many because I want group messaging to work and it does. I have tried them all and even the lastest EclipseSMS. That app would not run on my OGP. If you want the APK for 4.9.1 you can try here: http://dl.papktop.com/2013/05/Handcent_SMS_4_9_1.apk

    I've never had it send to the wrong person. Good luck. I have used them all. I also like the Private message feature and the scheduled text option.
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  5. brettmc

    brettmc Active Member

    I installed it and been sending texts like crazy. so far, no texts have been went to the wrong person. hope it keeps it up. thanks for the link to the backdated version.
  6. Nelimungous

    Nelimungous Active Member

    Don't forget make it the DEFAULT messaging app for SMS and MMS within Hancent settings. Also under application settings turn on Thread Group messaging it's THE last setting on the Application Settings page. Glad it's working so far. Just NEVER update Hancent through the Play store and you should me good. Always restart your phone after app install, at least I do.
  7. brettmc

    brettmc Active Member

    How do I tell Handcent to not update automatically?

    I had already set it as default but i did change the thread group. thanks again.
  8. Nelimungous

    Nelimungous Active Member

    In the Play app turn off Auto-update apps. Open Play hit Menu>Settings>Auto-update Apps>select Do not auto-update.

    Glad I could help. It's taken me a along time to get to an Text app that does what I want. The group messaging can have slight delay sometimes. The app catches up quickly though. Meaning it takes a few seconds for the message to be joined with the group message. Totally worth it though. If you text with any iphone peoples they will thank you.
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  9. Nelimungous

    Nelimungous Active Member

    Just Noticed you're from St. Louis. Small world.

    Take care,
  10. brettmc

    brettmc Active Member

    sure is. are you using an emoji plugin with this handcent version? the emoji v5 in the play store wont work.
  11. Nelimungous

    Nelimungous Active Member

  12. Nelimungous

    Nelimungous Active Member

    Since posting to this originally I have changed and started using Textra. It works great with group messaging including iPhones and is fast. Doesn't have all the features of Handcent but I think the speed and reliability are better. Also there is an Emoji plug in also that works well. Dev seems to work well with feedback.

    Just a another suggestion that has been working really well.

  13. brettmc

    brettmc Active Member

    i just did the software update on my LGP and what do ya know, handcent stopped working.

    i installed the latest version and it started receiving texts from different contacts as one certain contact. bah, i'm finished with that app. deleted that and installed textra.
  14. motownwill

    motownwill Active Member

    Hover Chat is by far my favorite. The pop-ups appear as just an icon on almost any screen and you can read and immediately make the message go away. It doesn't have meaningless updates every week like Go Messenger.
  15. MLSS

    MLSS Well-Known Member

    Hellosms rocks
  16. hawkwind212

    hawkwind212 Well-Known Member

    Just recenty discovered sliding messaging app. Not a free app but you can do so much with it. I like the way it notifies you with pop up message, and it shows on the side of your screen with senders avatar when you receives a message. Currently I am still trying to figure out all things this app can do. I was using hoverchat before this, which I really likes also but it is not compatible with cm11.
  17. MLSS

    MLSS Well-Known Member

    I have been using hangouts for a little while and I like it.

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