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  1. ghost2501

    ghost2501 Member

    I am finally so mad I have to make a post. I will search something in google then deecide i need to add a word or two to the end of the search. It seems physically impossible to do this anything i do to try adn click on the search bar to enter text seems to select all the text then delete it instead of let me enter text after it like a normal browser. Then ontop of that i cant get the text back at all and have to type it all out again so so lame.

    I am so mad I may start throwing my phone at this point anyone have a fix?

  2. ghost2501

    ghost2501 Member

    also i don't see an actual section here listed support etc where do i post general android questions only posting in the g2 section may be limiting the time it takes to get this answered and limit the people that see the question too.

    What section on this "support" forum to you post support questions?
  3. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    It really depends on the question. Anything of a technical nature should be posted in the forum for that specific device since settings and hardware vary by each model. If it's general in nature then either the Android Lounge or Android Applications would be a bigger venue.

    When you are searching, are you using a widget? or through the browser?

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