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  1. Rayfb316

    Rayfb316 Member


    I have an HTC Thunderbolt and last night it updated the firmware to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. I noticed in the messages the count is gone.

    Like it used to say how many text messages I got from each person ie: Mary (100). The new text (SMS) messenger does not have a count of the texts. I looked up apps, but they're all more for ALL text messages for people who have monthly limits which isn't what I'm looking for. Is there a messenger app that will keep my current messages and keep them counted like on the old messenger and software?

    Thanks for the help.

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, Ray.

    There are a lot of text message count apps in Play Store, many specific to the device (HTC, Samsung, etc) and the OS (ICS, Jellybean, etc). Some are related to the launcher being used (ADW, GoEX, Nova, etc.. some launchers even have that feature built in as a menu configuration choice).

    So, I've moved your question/thread to the HTC Thunderbolt forum here at AF for you, where you'll get responses from users of that device with that OS. :)

    In the meantime, I'd recommend a search in Play Store under something such as "sms count," "text count," etc. ;)
  3. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    I use tesla unread counter, but it need nova launcher prime.
  4. Rayfb316

    Rayfb316 Member

    Thanks for the help. I found an application called "GO SMS PRO" that was free and had the personal SMS count [Mary (100) Bill (5) etc] as well as a bunch of other features if anyone else misses the count since the ICS upgrade.

    Also like the 'hold the power button and volume button' to take a screen capture that saves to your Gallery feature.

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