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  1. 0LDSK00LHXC80

    0LDSK00LHXC80 Member

    Greetings to all

    I've got a rather odd problem. I activated my phone yesterday and have not been able to successfully send or receive any text messages. Data is fine. Calls are fine. I'm guessing that MMS fails as well. There are no error messages, my phone says they are "sent"

    I called VM Customer Service (good people AFIK) who walked me through reprogramming the MSID with the ##847446# code. They were able to send me a text from a number starting 000 000 something something confirming my account PIN, but I still can't send/receive texts. They say Tech support has my number and the issue should be resolved within 24-48 hours.

    My question is did something bad happen because the phone was rooted before it was activated? Or is this possibly just some sort of error with the connection/phone number?

    Any help with this subject is greatly appreciated, and if nothing else, I can live without texts, but dammit they were free!

  2. 0LDSK00LHXC80

    0LDSK00LHXC80 Member

    VM fixed the problem. Fully enjoying the Slider now.
    Mods can lock this one =)

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