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Text message going to group problem (Browse All)

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  1. BonJoviGirl

    BonJoviGirl Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 29, 2009
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    I have group contact creator. I'm a coach and I send reminders to the whole team. Well I have a problem where when I want to send to one I'll choose the one and that works but if she responds back to me and then I respond to that one it goes to the group. So I deleted the group contact and it still does it. It is 2 that it does it to I deleted the two contacts and added them back in still no more group but does it again. I changed the names but that didn't work anyone have any suggestions. Its a real problem for one on one text and it goes to 10.

    I guess nobody has a solution to this. If I delete both girls messages then the first is ok but I can't delete one because I need to save some I have a problem with her mother and I need to save the text as proof but when she gets a reply from me that was suppose to go to another girl it can cause further problems for me.


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