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  1. triumphuser

    triumphuser New Member

    My phone continues to give me text message memory full and low on space (phone storage) notifications.

    The only apps I'm running are google docs, facebook, gingerbread keyboard, juice defender, maps, market, google music, weather channel, twitter, and youtube. I have angry birds on my SD card.

    I have 27mb free on my internal phone storage and 1.55 gb free on my SD card. I also deleted all the messages in my messaging inbox.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

  2. tickerguy

    tickerguy Well-Known Member

    Uh, you're using the storage somewhere. I have several hundred megs free and nearly 100 apps loaded in total (including system ones)
  3. triumphuser

    triumphuser New Member

    Advice on how to find out what it is?
  4. tickerguy

    tickerguy Well-Known Member

    Go through the apps list and see what's using up the storage. SOMETHING is.
  5. triumphuser

    triumphuser New Member

    Went through the list. Nothing striking. Deleted the data from a few apps. Nothing over a couple MB though. Could this be some type of malware? The amount of strorage on the phone actually decreased to 18mb after I deleted things.
  6. triumphuser

    triumphuser New Member

    Did a factory reset on the phone. It seems to have solved the issue. I installed all of the same apps again and now have .90 GB of free space on the phone's internal memory. Frustrating - but at least I can text again.
  7. craigevil

    craigevil Member

    move all of the apps that you can to the sd card. i have 130 apps installed not counting system apps and i have right at 600mb internal mem free
  8. fallaen

    fallaen Active Member

    My phone did that too when I first got it and was downloading all these apps. When it said low memory and I realized there was no way I filled the internal phone memory with all the apps I downloaded, I restarted it and then it was fine. Try pulling the battery or doing a factory reset!

    Edit: Oh, just read your previous post. Glad you got it fixed!
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  9. bobbiemurray07

    bobbiemurray07 New Member

    You need to go to settings, applications, manage apps, click on all at top, go to message click delete data do this for your fb, tweeter or browser if you use internet and you will be fixed. :)
  10. bobbiemurray07

    bobbiemurray07 New Member

    go to settings, applications, manage apps, select all at top and click on message then click delete data. Do this for facebook and your browser and you will be cleaned up and working again. It happened to me and I called the phone company...:) Good luck! :)
  11. sboarder2nv

    sboarder2nv New Member

    So clearly few people have read what your problem was. I too had similar messages saying i had no memory to revieve texts even though i deleted all in my inbox and many of the apps on the phone using internal memory. I was unable to find what app or folder had the several hunders of megabytes in it with no luck. After factory resetting the phone i had my normal 900+ mb free, HOWEVER now am back down to 300mb or so of internal space with still no clue as to what is filling up space daily at that kind of rate. Any ideas would be helpful but THIS IS NOT FIXABLE THROUGH simply deleting apps from the list and clearing caches nor by deleting inbox messages... so again any useful ideas would be helpful
  12. thalcyon

    thalcyon Member

    See my post here. There is definitely something wrong with the truimph but my temp solution keeps my truimph clean with tons of free space (just manually delete the alog* files every few days...I have over 100 apps and I still have 800+ Mb of free space). I was as frustrated as you because all these drive-by android users think they know it all and claim "CLEAR YOUR CACHE!" is always the solution for low space (they don't even bother reading my detailed breakdown of the issue in my post).
  13. GotwickDotCom

    GotwickDotCom New Member

    I had this problem too, deleted all text msgs, didn't work, called the store where I bought the phone the day before, they had me do *228 to reprogram, didn't work, gave me the manual reprogram codes, still didn't work, gave me the number for tech support, still nothing! They told me to go to the corporate store about 20 miles away....

    The good news: I fixed it by myself!!!!! Just browsing around, I went into settings->manage applications, in my phone (Zio) there is a list of running apps, (in my old one {Ascend} there is NOT, but I had seen the running apps somewhere). I found that text messaging was running, along with a few other apps that should not have been running! I forced them all to stop, and, voila! Text messages received!!!!!!:D It was not an internal storage problem, but a memory problem.
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  14. robbin4u

    robbin4u Member

    Has anyone figured out a solution for this problem yet? This is frustrating because I will have no text messages at all and it will say the message is full and cannot accept incoming messages. It won't update because it says the storage is full even though there is free storage. I have deleted almost all of my apps now and it seems to lose memory as I delete, not gain memory. What can I do?
  15. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    Check out this thread http://androidforums.com/showthread.php?p=3798144

    It's quite long, but I believe that as long as you are on stock the issue is related.

    I will try to make a guide for this when I have time. (and if I remember! :eek:)
  16. ecarlson

    ecarlson Well-Known Member

    Install the free App DiskUsage, and let us know what items are taking up the most space.
  17. HamDog

    HamDog Member

    Add me to the list of people having this issue. It's actually my sister's Triumph that as of yesterday said "memory full" and she can't get any more text messages. I have the Triumph too, but mine has CM7 and I haven't had this issue. My sister's phone is bone stock. I don't dare root her phone since she's really picky and wants it stock for any potential warranty purposes.

    I've tried clearing cache and it didn't help. I rebooted the phone and it didn't help (I haven't done a battery pull yet). I checked out the apps and they all seem fine with little storage taken up. I can't get any kind of quality file explorer on it since it's not rooted.

    It will absolutely suck if I have to do a factory reset. It's just a pain to set it back up to the way she had it before with all the apps and settings.

    Just writing this to say this seems to be widespread. And I don't see any viable solutions for those who are stock. And I highly doubt Motorola or VM will ever do any kind of update.

    I'll be checking back on this thread to see if anyone has a solution for non-rooted users.
  18. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    I believe the only option that doesn't include root or a different ROM is to factory reset.
  19. HamDog

    HamDog Member

    I'm afraid you may be right. This is an absolute shame. Rooting should be for people who want to do more...such as customization, features such as tethering, etc. Not to fix major bugs. And the Triumph is LOADED with bugs. I finally put CM7 on my phone a week ago after owning the Triumph since day it came out. I just couldn't stand all it's issues.

    And this is how the iPhone will gain more market share. People getting fed up with bad Android phones which have no support behind them from the manufacturer. Motorola should have come up with an update a long time ago to fix the numerous bugs.
  20. borjis

    borjis Well-Known Member

    rooting the Triumph is very easy....it's practically pre-rooted from the factory.

    you could easily root it, delete the .alog & .plog files in /data/ then unroot it back as it was.

    The first time I removed the .alog & .plog files it cleared 175MB off.
  21. k9dog

    k9dog New Member

    i just registered to thank you!!!:)
  22. aurora40

    aurora40 Well-Known Member

    I would bet you don't even have to "root" it. With a Terminal app, you can "su", then just go to that folder and rm the log files in question. You are root, but no apps run as root, the phone isn't "rooted". When you exit the terminal, it's done.
  23. YrPainter

    YrPainter New Member

    I have had the Triumph for more than a year and have had no problems of any sort until about a week ago when I began to get an inaccurate message reporting low memory. Then today for the first time I also began receiving the text memory full message.

    I followed the simple instruction posted by bobbiemurray07 to delete data from the browser and from Face Book. Problems solved!
  24. tuan142kb

    tuan142kb New Member

    Thank, It worked, I deteted data of message and Go message, after that restart the phone , and, I received tons of new messages. :D
  25. ja25921

    ja25921 New Member

    I apologize in advance for the length of this post.

    Disclaimer: Some or all of the steps mentioned here may/will damage your phone. Follow my instructions at your own risk. This post does in NO WAY SHAPE or FORM guarantee a fix on your phone.

    When I first got the phone, everything was good. I installed over 50 apps!!! But as time went on, I had to delete several apps. After almost a year with my Triumph, I was down to the basic apps a normal human can't live without: Facebook, iTunes, and Y! Mail. By this time I had cleared the cache on a daily basis and deleted hundreds of text messages. I moved as many apps as I could to my 32 Gig SD card.

    Problems I experienced with my phone:
    * it would power down/power up for no apparent reason.
    * phone battery life would be at most 2-3 hours on standby. My phone was continuously plugged (at the office and at home).
    * could not receive text messages as I would continuously get low memory

    After many hours of investigation, it turns out that my Motorola Triumph was filling up log files. These log files kept growing and growing. I have before and after screenshot of my phone showing the amount of memory released by the steps below.

    Steps I took to fix my phone.
    The first step was to root my phone.
    * Settings --> Applications --> CHECK Unknown sources (Allow installation of non-market applications)
    * Settings --> Applications --> Development --> CHECK USB debugging (Debug mode when USB is connected)
    * download the Gingerbreak 1.2 (google it) on your computer
    * Connect your phone via USB to your computer
    * copy Gingerbreak 1.2 apk on the root of your SDCard
    * disconnect your phone from your computer
    * You may have to download a file manager application to go to the SDCard on your phone and Install GingerBreak.
    * I may be missing some steps in this process. Just google or youtube "root Motorola triumph" and you will find out how to do it.

    Next Steps:
    * download the Superuser App
    * Superuser allows you to run in superuser mode.
    * download Terminal Emulator App
    * Run the terminal emulator -(for those who are familiar with Linux or Windows 3.1) you can run commands from the prompt.
    * Some basic commands that you may want to learn.
    cd <--- this command allows you to change your current directory.
    ls <--- this is a command to list the files on the specific director.
    pwd <--- this command tells you your current directory location.
    su <--- this command makes you superuser. with the superuser app installed when you hit enter on your onscreen qwerty Superuser app will have you verify if you truly want to change to superuser mode. Just tap the "uh hu" button. (yes button)
    * now at the command prompt traverse to the system/data directory. I found that "alog_events" file was huge. Close to 90 Megs.
    * Download another application called SManager. I'm sure there may be others but this is the one I got. I am able to execute shell scripts. (see below)
    * Download another application Screenshot UX trail (just for fun) I took a before and after picture with this app.

    I was able to put together a shelll script to view the log files

    I looked for a way to attach the different files but couldn't. I can email them to you. Just hit me up.
    showlogs - it is a shell script that traverses to the Data directory under systems and displays all the log files.
    killlogs - it is a shell script that traverses to the Data directory under systems and removes all the log files.
    Before.jpg - You will see that I only had about 2-3% of my memory available.
    After.jpg - After killing the log files. I got back over 74% of the memory available.

    create the file showlogs using a regular text editor on your computer and paste the following commands. Save, exit, and load on your SDCard.
    cd /system
    cd /data
    ls -l *alog_*
    ls -l *logcat*
    ls -l *pmlog*

    create the file killlogs using a regular text editor on your computer and paste the following commands. Save, exit, and load on your SDCard.
    cd /system
    cd /data
    rm *alog_*
    rm *logcat*
    rm *pmlog*

    If you are using the attached files remove the ".txt".

    Using the SManager app find the showlogs and using SU mode run the script. Hit the back button twice to get out of shell mode.
    You should see a list of all the log files on your phone.

    Using the SManager app find the killlogs and using SU mode run the script. Hit the back button twice to get out of shell mode.

    Reminder: it is important you use SU mode. otherwise you will get an error.

    Hit me up if you have any questions. ja25921 at Y!.


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