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  1. diablo0813

    diablo0813 Member

    Heya Folks,

    Brand new Android/Verizon user here (old iPhone user) that got the Droid Incredible 2 on launch day. Overall, I am LOVING the ability to customize just about everything. One problem I am having though is...I receive a text message everytime I get a new email. I can't figure out if this is something that I tweak in the: phone settings, the email settings, or with VZW. The texts are coming from 6250, whatever that is, and contain the following text:


    The "X" is a number indicating the amount of emails that came in. Considering I have three email accounts associated with this phone, this is starting to get annoying.

    I went back to the store yesterday to see if the Reps could do anything, but was told to just try Googling it....uhhhh...of course I had tried that for the past few days. So now I turn to the masses...PLEASE HELP!

  2. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to say I can't help much. I've never seen that before but based on the VZW in the text, I'd say it came from them. I'd call 611 and ask them what it is and to shut it off!
  3. diablo0813

    diablo0813 Member

    Hmmm, 611? Will give that a try and post back with the results.
  4. diablo0813

    diablo0813 Member

    Well I ended up speaking with global support, who couldn't really figure it out either. They told me to try texting the word cancel back to that number. When that didn't work I then sent texts with the words: stop, off, turn off, block and none of them seem to be working. They did tell me that they don't think they use the number 6250, so if I don't get any resolution soon, I'll just block that number from being able to text me. No one else is experiencing anything like this?
  5. nate.kelmes

    nate.kelmes Well-Known Member

    This is strange indeed. How do you have your email accounts set up on your phone. Pop, Imap, gmail...? Could it possibly be some setting on your corporate exchange server that could be doing this? Anyone else with a verizon droid smartphone experiencing this that you work with?

    Just tryin to throw s**t at a wall and see what sticks.
  6. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    Since you are new to Android, is it POSSIBLY a carryover/leftover service (that might even be working in error when used with Android)?

    I've had Android for a couple of years and I've never heard of this, so I don't think it is an Android issue, unless it is a defective phone (maybe?).
  7. Ovreagr

    Ovreagr Well-Known Member

    Did you try "remove" or "unsubscribe"?
  8. ViperGeek

    ViperGeek Member

    I got my first instance of this mysterious text message from 6250 today. Mine simply stated:

    VZWNMN: 1

    I didn't try replying to it for fear of triggering an opt-in $9.95/month crapfest of additional text messages. The "VZW" definitely feels like Verizon Wireless and I could guess that "NM" is for "new message", but I can't really tell how, when and/or why it started.

    Did you install any recent apps from the Android Market? I just recently installed Handcent SMS 3.8.6 which feels a bit ad-laden. In the spirit of Google, I get the impression that I'm giving up a tiny bit of PII (personally identifiable information) in return for "free" software. I'm wondering if some of the cool confirmation features in Handcent that reach out to the VZ network are causing these messages to appear?

    In a related question, does anyone know of a registry for short SMS phone numbers? I know you can order one through your local carrier, but Googling "6250" was exceedingly fruitless.

    - Dave
  9. rxfilr

    rxfilr Well-Known Member

    I just got the incredible 2 and I am getting the same odd texts from vzw.
  10. diablo0813

    diablo0813 Member

    Yes, I do have handcent installed...but I am almost certain this was happening prior to me installing it. What I ended up doing was blacklisting the 6250 number through handcent which has solved the notification flooding. On a plus note, if VZW does start using that number for something I WOULD want to get notified about at a later date, it's easy to unblock it. Plus, those messages are still going to the default messaging app,so if I do need to read them they can be found there.
  11. rxfilr

    rxfilr Well-Known Member

    I do not have any messaging apps, just default and pop up SMS. It wasn't happening with just google mail, but thinking it started when added yahoo account or pop mail account.
  12. ViperGeek

    ViperGeek Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    I got my second VZWNMN message this morning at 6:42am ET (no, I wasn't awake yet) and promptly used Handcent to blacklist 6250. I checked "Show blacklist" so I can collect the noise without being woken up for it.

    It's also good to know that it has *nothing* to do with Handcent, and possibly everything to do with Verizon + Incredible 2. Hopefully someone, somewhere will find an explanation and a way to explain it back to Verizon so their Customer Service can understand how to stop them.

    This thread is still the top hit for "VZWNMN" on Google, which is why I keep reiterating the string. :)

    - Dave
  13. JstaDroid

    JstaDroid New Member

    I do believe this is just a pop up notification and not an actual sms/mms. Each time I received the VZWNMN: X message I checked my account and there were no texts, sent or received at any of the times this message appeared. Also there was no record of the message in my message history which led me to believe it wasn't an actual text.

    I did a test by sending 2 emails to my yahoo account, one right after the other, then at the 10min check I have set for yahoo mail, the message popped up with the number 2. A moment later, the new mail notification icon and sound played.

    I have checked every setting on the phone for any kind notification setting to disable this but I still can not find one. It coulld be something very obvious that I am missing.

    The only other thing that it might tie into is this so called "unified mailbox" for all incoming messages, emails etc.. that is supposedly accessible on "My Verizon" I did receive an email regarding this when I set up my yahoo account on the phone.

    I haven't actually accessed this yet on Verizon but I was wondering if any one has?

    Sorry for the long post
  14. ViperGeek

    ViperGeek Member

    Good troubleshooting! I also checked my vzw.com account and found no record of these mysterious text, so from Verizon's POV, they were never sent.

    I have three accounts set up on my HTC/Android mail client: Exchange, a personal IMAP account, and Gmail. At any point in time, I have between 1 and 100's of unread e-mails, yet my VZWNMN number seems to increase sequentially. It may be related to pending e-mail, but it may not be displaying the unread message count, at least on my account.

    - Dave
  15. kevin217

    kevin217 Well-Known Member

    This has been happening to me as well, glad I found this thread.
    Guess I too will just blacklist the texts
  16. spy21der

    spy21der Active Member

    Me and my brother both have the DInc2. I came from the DInc1 and never got this. It is associated with emails that aren't gmail. I don't know how to stop it but its really annoying. I could just blacklist it too. But I'm thinking its has to do with sense 2.1. On the DInc2 email accounts are set up differently than my original Incredible.

    Is there anyone who has set up a non google email and not got these texts????
  17. Blue_Fedora

    Blue_Fedora Active Member

    I have set up hotmail accounts and I'm getting these messages too. They are driving me absolutely nuts! I came to Dinc2 from HTC Droid Eris, had the same hotmail accounts set up, the same messaging and NEVER got these VZWNMN:xx messages.
    I've assumed they were
    NM = New Message
    N = either Notification or Number
    xx = the number of new messages

    Only problem is the xx is not corresponding to the number of new emails I have.


    I have not installed Handcent (had it on my old Eris) but I'm going to just so I can blacklist this stupid 6250.
  18. ViperGeek

    ViperGeek Member

    So far, I've received (and blacklisted):

    VZWNMN: 1 - on 5/3 6:08 PM (ET)
    VZWNMN: 2 - on 5/4 6:42 AM
    VZWNMN: 1 - on 5/4 11:19 PM

    This contradicts my previous theory that they're sequential, so it must be some number of new messages held somewhere. I suspect they're supposed to be internal application messages that are leaking out to the SMS app and being displayed as texts.

    It's amazing that no VZW CS engineer has recognized this string yet. I tried to coerce @VZWSupport into helping us by posting this tweet:


    but didn't get a nibble. :(

    - Dave
  19. omxmmn

    omxmmn Member

    I have a gmail account and a yahoo account setup and have not received any of these odd messages...yet...
  20. ViperGeek

    ViperGeek Member

  21. TT1080i

    TT1080i Well-Known Member

    this is what's happening.
    Verizon came up with a new sync program to replace backup assistant.
    It's brand new and only working with Incredible 2's.
    And a "Good news" email from verizon sent me down this path.
    It said all my accounts are now synced with verizon.
    So I logged into my verizon account, on the pc.
    Chose messaging/contacts and a new sync window appeared. I accepted
    and there were all my email accounts.
    I personally don't want to back up to verizon.
    So upon removing each one. I got a text from 6250: Delete.
    And it appears the texts have stopped.
    I hope this helps

    *update... my email stopped routing after the above steps..
    long story short after a factory reset and not chossing to use b a it created the accounts on vz anyway.
    a trouble ticked has been opened
  22. Blue_Fedora

    Blue_Fedora Active Member

    This is not good. Email is my primary need/activity on the cell phone and if the Dinc2 can't handle my hotmail traffic/notifications as well as my HTC Droid Eris, well, all I can say is I have 12 days left in the 14 day return period.
  23. TT1080i

    TT1080i Well-Known Member

    this is what it looks like to me.
    verizon hijacked my emails without my knowledge or permission.
    And will not route email unless it is through them.
    This phone was setup with out verizons back up assistant.
    I use google. After the texts starting showing. I traced it to the b a replacement for this phone only, at this point.
    So when I logged into verizon contacts I saw it added all the email accounts that were on my phone at their location.
    I deleted the accounts thinking no more texts.. true. No more email as well.
    i even went through a factory reset not choosing verizons backup google only. When I was done the accounts were recreated on the verizon site.
    Deleting them again and testing sending emails to the phone nothing arrived.
    So I went on line and gave them an account so I could test. And bingo the mail pipeline started to flow.
    I have spent all evening on this.
    And I will not allow my email accounts to be controlled or routed through verizon. On the upshot in the on line interface you can stop the texts.
    But i have critical accounts that I will not allow verizon to control access to via this phone.
    This is f'ed up...
    i choose android for freedom
    I'm calling them in the morning and they better have a workaround or I go back to the freedom of my other device

    what are these people thinking?
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  24. Ovreagr

    Ovreagr Well-Known Member

    Holy crap TT1080i!! That alone is reason enough for me not to upgrade!! :eek:
  25. ViperGeek

    ViperGeek Member

    This is really interesting. I have three e-mail accounts set up on my phone, but when I log into Verizon's "Sync & Connect" service on My Verizon, only Gmail shows up. One of the missing accounts syncs to my corporate server (Outlook/Exchange), and the other is a personally hosted IMAP server.

    I fully admit that I'm baffled about what syncs to where on my [An]Droid phone. Some of my contacts are listed as "ActiveSync", some are in the "Phone" and some are in GoogleLand (somewhere). Adding to this confusion, some of my contacts have been linked to their Twitter, Gmail, Facebook and Flickr accounts, so I haven't a clue where the source of phone numbers, addresses, birthdates and IM accounts are coming from.

    I'm sure this personal info scrambling is part of the "Let us serve you, and in turn we will control you" methodology, but I shudder to think what would ever happen if I tried to divorce myself from GoogleLand, or even Verizon. Do I own my contacts' info or not???

    - Dave

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