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  1. ViperGeek

    ViperGeek Member

    Ah. According to https://products.verizonwireless.com/index.aspx?id=messaging_syncandconnect_specs

    Add up to 12 web email accounts, a maximum of 5 from each of the following:

    • Google™ Gmail™
    • Yahoo!

  2. nate.kelmes

    nate.kelmes Well-Known Member

    So I gotta admit... I'm a little confused on how this issue is shaping up. I have two gmail accounts synced through the standard gmail app. I haven't been getting these text messages that some of you have been getting.
  3. Blue_Fedora

    Blue_Fedora Active Member

    I'm not sure if this is related or deserves its own thread.

    My email messages are appearing... and then disappearing, darn near instantaneously! I have three hotmail accounts synched on this phone and the setting is to only grab "today's" mail. I get repeated notifications of new mail on each account however when I go into the account (via phone) it displays a slew of old email (not just today but mail from months and years ago) along with some "new" mail from today and then as soon as they all appear, they all disappear.

    Okay that's fine EXCEPT the notifications continue! The list of mail messages does not display long enough to select one or all of them and mark as delete. The list just wipes itself clear. Again, that's fine except for once again the notifications continue and it's an infinite loop.

    This is beyond frustrating as email is my primary activity needed on my phone. I don't often use it for making calls even... mail is my important need.

    Is this perhaps related or should I start a separate thread for this issue?

    Thanks guys (and gals)
  4. JstaDroid

    JstaDroid New Member

    I have been doing a little more testing.

    As long as you do not set up your email using the preset choices for AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail or MS exchange Active sync that show up when you add or create a new mail account (or during the set up of the phone), the accounts will not be connected to Verizon "Sync & Connect"

    Unfortunetly, to do this you will need to set up your mail accounts manually. I have tried it with my Yahoo account using the settings below and everything appears to be working and I am no longer getting that annoying message from 6250 VZWNMN...

    Incoming Settings:
    Protocol: IMAP
    Email address: "youremail"@yahoo.com
    Username: "youremail"@yahoo.com
    Password: "your password"
    IMAP Server: imap.mail.yahoo.com
    Security Type: SSL
    Server Port: Should automatically set itself when u choose SSL above

    Outgoing Settings
    CHECK Login required
    Username: "youremail"@yahoo.com
    Password: "your password"
    SMTP settings: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
    Security type: none
    Server Port: Should be set

    It still sucks that verizon does not give you the option to either opt in or opt out of the "Sync & Connect".

    One last note, it looks like Verizon has changed some of the wording in the Sync and connect terms and services agreement. what it says now is:

    If the Sync & Connect account is canceled, but you do not cancel your Verizon Wireless service, then the following will occur:

    All connections to ISPs will be removed.

    All e-mail messages associated with ISPs will be deleted.

    Contacts will be associated with a Backup Assistant account and can be accessed via the Backup Assistant web interface.

    Earlier it also stated that if you cancel the sync and connect you would not be able to send/receive mail on the device.. Which was happening to TT1080i during his testing. I do see that it has been removed from the TOS so maybe they are fixing things

    Though I still don't trust Verizon to accept the terms and by not accepting them, Sync and Connect should never have started when I first set up my mail accounts on my phone.
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  5. Michelle58

    Michelle58 New Member

    So how can I safely remove the email accounts that I set up when I first turned on my phone? And where do you go in the phone to set up the account manually?

    I've been getting these texts and Verizon had no clue, so my search for a solution brought me here...glad I'm not the only one totally frustrated with this issue. Thanks for testing and finding a solution. Now I just need help to get my phone set up manually.
  6. amarryat

    amarryat Well-Known Member

    I wonder if that strange text message is how they are implementing "push" mail with those accounts. I briefly tried setting up a hotmail account, and it would not work until I went to the vzw/sync website and accepted T&Cs. Those text messages seem to delete themselves automatically, but you can read them when they come in. I wonder if the number indicates that a message has arrived, and which account the phone should poll.

    Anyway, the push feature isn't instant email like the native gmail client or the yahoo mail client that you can download. I think what's "push" about it is VZW polls every once in a while, and when a new message is found, sends a text to the phone which is processed by the HTC mail client.
  7. woodyspawnshop

    woodyspawnshop New Member

    Sync & Connect is a new feature to centralize the management and accessibility of email set up for new android devices, much like the web interface available for most carriers to set up emails for BlackBerrys. It also allows you to converge your emails in to one box viewable online (myvzw) as well as pull contacts from each web mail for convergence of your address books(not 100% sure about this as i opted out and never tried it). It is separate of any push functionality. The client app operating the features for this plan add on is the new version of the backup assistant app.

    If you are having problems with these messages annoying the hell out of you or are not okay with VZW hijacking access to your email without your explicit consent (opposite of blackberry) you can call in to remove. Call in to tech support and if the person sounds like they have a brain cell tell them you want to "opt out of Sync & Connect" and to "remove the Sync & Connect feature from my account". That should stop the messages within 24 hours.

    Your other option is to do what JstaDroid said earlier or according to TT1080i you can turn the notification texts off in myverizon.
  8. steve13

    steve13 New Member

    Here's how I accomplished it. I went into the general mail app, then hit menu, more, settings, then delete account. Then open the mail app back up and instead of selecting whichever service you use for your email (yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc.) select "other" at the bottom. Follow the directions, which should just be email address and password I believe, and it should be good to go. This killed the 6250 texts for me, my yahoo account has received a ton of mail since too, so it's definitely been tested. Hope that works for you too.
  9. bca864

    bca864 New Member

    steve13, I tried your posting and all worked fine. I deleted my Gmail account from the general mail app as you noted. (INFO - By deleting your account in the general mail app, you lose your Sync & Connect with Verizon, so if that's important, you will have to wait till they resolve the problem). I have a Gmail account so I am using the Gmail app, not the general mail app. I still get new email notifications from the Gmail app, without those annoying text from 6250. I spent over 30 minutes on the phone with a Level 1 Technician, with no resolve. The tech informed me that their system shows several problem tickets with this problem. The only info for this problem was they were waiting on a firmware update for the "Incredible 2" to possibly fix these annoying text messages. She suggested a temporary fix was to download "Handcent" and blacklist the number. That did work, the problem for me was now I have to get use to the new app. Thanks again for the information.
  10. chaospinhead

    chaospinhead New Member

    Thank god for this forum. My fiance got a Inc 2 and these messages were driving her freakin batty.10-20 of them a day with no end in site. After reading this i found this sync and connect crap on Verizon's website. But we weren't even registered on it and i wasn't about to. So i called Verizon and it went kinda like this.

    "How can i help you today?"
    Me - "I want Sync and Connect removed from our account"
    "Let me see if this is a paid of free feature"
    "No nothing under paid, oh here it is under free features"
    Me - "How did i get signed up for this, i never added this feature?"
    "It was added automatically when it came out"
    Me - "How nice, now please remove it."
    "Done, Power off your devices and turn them back on so they can register that the service has been deactivated"
    "Anything else i can help you with?"
    Me - "Click..."

    I hate....being added to sh** without my permission, without knowing what it is. Infuriates me.... Thank you so much for this thread. Now we can go on vacation tomorrow without worrying about this crap
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  11. local444

    local444 New Member

    Hey guys i just had this problem this morning. I saw your post, and none of those things really applied. It turns out that my TextFree app was notifying me of those emails, because once I uninstalled it the notifications vanished. I'm new to android, so I don't have much else to offer.
  12. sabineliebling

    sabineliebling New Member

    Same problem here, thank you guys for the Handcent blacklist fix. That's easy enough for me and I don't really care about VZW's feature, and permission, and them monitoring/having access and all that part of it.

    Just wanted to say, I just quit working at a corporate retail store for VZW last week (to have a baby) and I sent this thread to a super techy friend of mine who still works at my store, as I'm sure he has or will run into this problem. Every little detail and problem of every phone and OS and how to solve each one is definitely not communicated to the retail, customer service, or tech support staff (that would be a ridiculously mind-boggling task), so I figured I would give him and the rest of my store a leg up with helping their customers on this issue.

    I am a little surprised that a previous poster went into a store and they just told him to google it. Okay, yeah, sometimes we *think* that (obviously I just googled it without talking to VZW first and it was way easier), but really that rep should have googled it for the customer and then helped them out with either blacklisting on Handcent or removing and manually re-adding the email accounts as outlined in this thread. I just wanted to say, please be nice to your reps - we're just like you, working for a living, and we are really the lowest little bugs on the chain at VZW. We hate that they don't give us enough knowledge to fully do our jobs sometimes, and we hate that we have to implement customer un-friendly policies and do so with a cheesy smile and offer to sell you something. If only they didn't pay so much and have great benefits. But oh well, that's all over for me now. :)

    Anyways, long winded, but thanks again for figuring this out for those of us googling after you!
  13. casiemichael

    casiemichael New Member

    How would I go about doing this for a hotmail account? I tried following the steps changing yahoo to hotmail but it did not work..
  14. chknhwk

    chknhwk Well-Known Member

    Interestingly enough I have not had this problem. Upon registering my phone I declined the option to have Verizon do whatever it was they were offering. I downloaded the yahoo mail app from the market and now I use that for my email and I have not received a single one of these text notifications for email.
  15. ktotheezzo

    ktotheezzo New Member

    This seems to be the only good discussion of this issue on the interweb. Thanks for keeping it alive.

    I started receiving these messages a couple days ago after using the Dinc2 for about a month. I think I have corresponded it to installing the Missed Call app which basically takes over the phone's notification system. There was a message when I installed the app that said you have to disable notifications in email apps, otherwise you will get duplicate notifications. I did this (I thought), but I'm still getting duplicate notifications. I've corresponded the text message to receiving new emails. It takes about 5-10 minutes to get the text after the email is sent.

    I tried adding 6250 as a contact and blocking it, but the texts still came.

    I tried turning off all sync'ed accounts and "background data" in Accounts & Sync, but the texts still came.

    I just uninstalled the Missed Calls app and sent some test emails and I haven't received any texts yet, almost an hour later. This seems to be my fix, has anyone else installed Missed Calls or a similar app?
  16. GoodwinsX4

    GoodwinsX4 New Member

    THANK YOU!!!!! No one at Verizon had a clue what I was talking about. I was told by several people and supervisors that they had never heard of this problem and was most likely something I had done. I can no longer get my Yahoo mail on my phone which sucks, but I don't get those stupid messages anymore. Maybe I should return this phone for another.
  17. SeanGTS

    SeanGTS Member

    I called in, the lady didn't know what I was talking about at first. Took some searching but she finally found the feature and was able to turn it off.
  18. namurt

    namurt Member

    thanks a ton to everyone who contributed to this thread! my girlfriend has been getting these annoying texts and i didn't have a clue as to how to put a stop to them.
  19. Alexlock

    Alexlock Member

    so basiclly we have to set it up to get emails wtf ??
    i just about to call and bitch till i googled it
    i havnt got emails in about 4 days so do any of the work arounds stated above work ???
  20. msibaljr

    msibaljr Member

    Brand new dinc2 and configured 2 personal emails. Started receiving those text msgs and verizon removed that new sync feature. Came from a thunderbolt and never had that issue. When they removed the feature, the texts stopped. However, my mail widget became blank with no emails in inbox. I could see the two accounts on the top bar but no emails. I factory resetted the phone and set up the email again. Same issue popped up with text messging. Cleared the sync feature again and email stopped working again.

    Gonna try to reset phone again but will call first to remove sync before setting up email. Hopefully that will work.
  21. dinc2dinc

    dinc2dinc Member



    Been a fustrating past 24 hours
  22. jenjen0306

    jenjen0306 New Member

    I was also getting these messages until I unistalled the My Messages app. It seems to have taken care of it.
  23. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Well-Known Member

    Ok, I have a dinc 2k that is not activated yet. If I want to properly activate it and not sync & connect my email accounts, in turn giving verizon access to my email account credentials(which REALLY bothers me and is totally messed up!!!) what steps should i take so i well still be able to get email and not share log in info with them.The text messages i really don't care about, it's the other issue that outrages me!!!
    What i am getting from reading all this is right after activating it call and opt out, then set up email & not choose to check the verizon backup box at setup, then I should be good?
  24. amarryat

    amarryat Well-Known Member

    Use the stock gmail app for gmail, or use the stock HTC mail program but choose IMAP/POP when setting up your email accounts rather than the predefined options for Yahoo etc.
  25. daftlush

    daftlush Active Member

    I had to call Verizon twice to turn off this feature and in the end I myself had to go into MyVerzion.com and delete the data they misappropriated. Some people are even claiming they cannot receive their emails if the feature is deactivated.

    I am not an attorney, but I have studied law and I think Verizon opting us into this "experimental service" without our consent is illegal. At the least, it's an invasion of privacy and, at worst, can be the misappropriation of confidential information.

    I have already spoken to a lawyer and they are already looking into whether we have a viable cause of action. I know that Google was sued for opting people into buzz without there consent so this might have legs.

    If you were enrolled in “Sync and Connect” without your permission...
    if you are as pissed-off about this as I am...
    if you are interested in some possible restitution...
    please PM me or email me at ForougAS@gmail.com

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