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    This started around 2 months ago and I've noticed it is getting progressively worse! I would get a text message and everything would work fine. My phone's notification tone would go off and my phone would vibrate. When i unlock my screen it would show a preview of the message. But what's becoming more common on my phone is that when i now get a text message nothing happens. My phone's notification tone doesn't go off. my phone doesn't vibrate. My phone doesn't display a preview of the message when i unlock my phone. All it shows is the little message symbol in the notification bar. Sometimes this happens once every 5 text messages and other times it does this 6 times in a row. It's highly annoying cuz i tend to miss time sensitive text messages.

    Any ideas what the problem is and what i can do?

    Any help i can get would be highly appreciated!


  2. Frisco

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    Hello Redeyes (great user name! :D).

    We've seen that same issue across many devices and carriers over the years here. More then one thing can be going on at once, thus the remedies are sometimes actually a list of things to do rather than just a thing to check here and there.

    When the issue first began, had you installed or reconfigured anything? Even stuff not associated with the sms app? Or, did you reconfigure that app itself and not reboot?

    Part of it that is out of your control is the changes in your carrier's signal along with the slot cycle setting (that's how often in seconds your device polls the nearest strong signal/tower for data).

    But believe it or not, ridding your sms app cache of data, just clearing it out and rebooting, sometimes improves things. Not always. I once took care of it by clearing all cache and data in the stock sms app and installed Chomp (there are a lot of texting apps in Play Store I'm sure you know).

    Any cache associated with the messaging system has to be cleared out once in a while for some users. This means either doing a factory data reset, or finding the method of getting to your recovery menu and selecting "wipe cache," which will clean out the cache partition in internal memory. I even remedied the issue in an Eris once by just taking out all third party ringtones! It's amazing what some apps and widgets can do to the system, and often it won't happen right away, but will show itself long after installation.

    Plus (there are a million possibilities :rolleyes:), start taking notice of things like where you are and time of day the issue is happening, if you can. You might find that you're in a weak signal area.

    This page describes the factory hard reset pretty well:

    HTC Rezound hard reset - PDA Smartphone PNA hard reset soft reset
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    Thanks for the info!!
  4. I had almost the same issue. Mine was vibrating when I received messages but no tones. Tried soft resetting and all the typical trouble shooting. Ended up having to factory reset. And voila fixed, and my phone actually runs a ton faster as well. Also downsized on the apps I had on the phone as well.

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