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  1. kingrj46

    kingrj46 New Member

    My girlfriend has the moment and everytime you gets and incoming text message, it plays the notification tone and then it plays a ringtone. The ringtone is a song and plays until it ends or until she uses advance task killer to kill the processes. Anyone have this issue and more important, any resolved this issue yet?

  2. Felecity

    Felecity Member

    Make sure that you aren't using another app for tone edits. For instance, there is Ringo, where you can set customer text messages tones per person-- not an all over same text message tone. That will cause issues. If there's some application that you have downloaded like that, then try deleting it and see how it does.

    Also, are you using handcent or chomp? You could also have settings confused there.

    Let us know. Good luck!
  3. AlkiDweller

    AlkiDweller Well-Known Member

    What's she using for texting?

    If it's something other than the default application and notification is not turned off in the default app, both apps will play a notification.
  4. Bigsteve49

    Bigsteve49 Active Member

    I am having a similar notification issue with receiving text. I downloaded Handcent, I not only diabled my standard texting app but deleted it and I am still getting 2 texts each time. One from Handcent and one from my standard. Anyone have a suggestion?

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