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  1. amethyst2785

    amethyst2785 New Member

    ok i bought the huawei ascend from cricket. for some reason i can send text messages fine long or short cause i have it set that way however when i receive text messages from other people that seem longer than the characters allowed it keeps giving me text messages of long lists of numbers. these lists do not have a pattern they are just random numbers with some letters here and there with no spacing in between. i cant find help anywhere. please help me

  2. dennyps

    dennyps New Member

    Hi all, I am new to the Huawei Ascend and one of the issues I have so far is when I am using the keyboard in the text or email modes is, how do I move the cursor around for corrections (besides tapping the cursor into different places with my fat fingers, LOL and using just the delete button) any ideas or tips. Is there an app that allows for 4 way move buttons up, down, left & right?
    Appreciate any help in advance
  3. UnSmartphone

    UnSmartphone Well-Known Member

    try the roller ball denny.

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