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  1. vibrant1234

    vibrant1234 New Member

    I have what seems to be a constant problem on my Vibrant. I seem to constantly have problems receiving text messages. I only find out that I have missed messages when I eventually do receive a message from a friend demanding to know why I had not answered their previous messages. It does it seemingly randomly and can occur in the middle of conversations even when I haven't loaded any new apps or done anything else that seems like it should have caused the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. vibrant1234

    vibrant1234 New Member

    Here is some more information if it would help. I have not rooted the phone, I just use the original messaging program, I have cleaned the messaging cache, and it seems to largely happen with a couple of specific people. The most frustrating is that it can be in the middle of a conversation and have received a series of texts from a person only for it to miss one or two in the middle and then go on with no indication that a text had been missed. Any ideas?

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