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Text message ringtone- HELP!Support

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  1. abbydesjardins

    abbydesjardins New Member

    On my verizon droid 3, i buy ringtones from VZW tones or whatever the verizon ringtone app is. i can use them fine on calls, but how can i use them for text messages?! i cannot figure it out! help!?

  2. redsox985

    redsox985 Well-Known Member

    I believe you go into messaging, hit menu, hit settings, then go to notifications or something along those lines.
  3. abbydesjardins

    abbydesjardins New Member

    usually that would work i guess but theyre only in ringtones for my calls.. not notifications. im not sure how to get them into that department
  4. jaycbrf4

    jaycbrf4 Well-Known Member

    I am not sure where Verizon purchased ringtones go on the phone... Take a look on your internal and external SD cards for a folder called "Media" inside that folder will be a folder named "audio" inside that folder will be 3 folders "alarms, notifications, ringtones"

    Find the ringtones you want to use for notifications and copy>paste into notifications folder.

    Download an Mp3 ringtone creator app and you can make ringtones, alarms, and notifications from any song you want...
  5. abbydesjardins

    abbydesjardins New Member

    thank you! ill try that for sure!
  6. abbydesjardins

    abbydesjardins New Member

    It worked! Thank you!

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