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  1. BrianM456

    BrianM456 Member

    How do you get the ringtone to play all the way through when you get a text message? Right now it only plays for about 5 seconds and then notification sound plays even though ive set it to silent.

  2. rmingee

    rmingee Well-Known Member

    Hmm, that wasn't true for me, because I had a longer ringtone set for messages, and it played for at least 15 seconds while I tried to get it silenced. I'm not sure why you'd even get the notification sound at all - did you have a calendar reminder or something that cut off the text ringtone? Maybe I'm just not understanding what you're saying, but I've definitely had a ringtone play longer than 5 seconds for a text.

    -- robert
  3. BrianM456

    BrianM456 Member

    I fixed it. I set everything to silent, then used the ringo lite app to set all ringtones.

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