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  1. johnmyers

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    Hi all

    I need help/advice to transfer my text messages from my old htc wildfire to my new samsung galaxy II or to my pc. Ive saved my contacts to sim but cant see a tab to do this with texts.

    ive tried to log onto the android market but i get the following message "cant establish a reliable data connection to server" even when ive connected to WIFI at home.

    I really need to keep these messages so any help/advice is greatly appreciated.



  2. samrox144

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    1> for sms

    use the below guides transfer msg's

    Transfer SMS to Samsung Galaxy S2 android from other phone | PRLog

    SMS Backup & Restore - Android Stuff


    >you should add a gmail account in the phone
    >and background data in settings>accounts & sync should be enabled
  3. johnmyers

    johnmyers New Member

    cheers samrox will give it a go.

    I do have a gmail account but my phone wont connect

    thanks again
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    There's different ways on which you can transfer data from phone to phone. The first one and easiest one is through bluetooth. You must first on the bluetooth of both device. Then select the files you want to transfer. Select the name of device (this is where you transfer your files). Upon transferring you must tap accept on the second device. You will see notifications when the transfer is finish. The second is first transfer it to a pc then from pc transfer it to your second device. Hope this will help.
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    No, but you just back up with any of the vast number of SMS backup apps, copy the backup, then restore it on the new phone. See post #2. There's nothing to it, and no need to pay money.
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