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  1. booser4

    booser4 Well-Known Member

    I've searched this out a bit and only found a rough answer on the old Hero forum, so wanted to make sure there isn't a more updated answer with the Incredible.

    I'm using the stock messaging app included with the phone. I noticed very quickly that any text messages that were sent to me while the phone was off or in airplane mode obviously wouldn't come through to the phone until I turned it back on or took it out of airplane mode. This is normal, but I realized the text messages that come through once I power on the phone show only the time I received them at, not the ACTUAL time the person sent it out to me.

    On all my old phones I could see when the person actually sent the messsage. Is there a way to get this information on the Incredible, or do I need to download a different text app to view this?

    Simple example: Someone sends me a text at 7am, but my phone is off because I'm asleep. I wake up at 10am and turn my phone on. The phone then receives the text message that was sent at 7am, but it does not show me that anywhere, it just shows that I received it at 10am. I'd like to be able to see the 7am time.

    Thanks for any help with this. :)

  2. booser4

    booser4 Well-Known Member

    Bump... This place is hoppin constantly! Threads gone from 1st page within a few minutes. =)
  3. booser4

    booser4 Well-Known Member

    Anyone? I know others must want to see when the message was actually originally sent.
  4. TheWhiteBandito

    TheWhiteBandito Well-Known Member

    Bump, I would like to know as well! (I don't have the phone yet, but this would be helpful for me!)
  5. axel_2078

    axel_2078 Well-Known Member

    I don't use the stock app; I use Handcent, but I believe that one only shows you the time the message arrived as well.
  6. jratzo

    jratzo Well-Known Member

    I have been trying to figure this out as well! Didn't find anything in the message details...
  7. booser4

    booser4 Well-Known Member

    Wow really? There's gotta be an app out there that somehow lets you see the original time the text message was sent to you. The function can't be that difficult if way older phones like the LG EnV, Treo 700w, etc... have it. Just naming those cause those were some of my old crappy phones that did provide you the proper info.

    Edit - yeah even the message details only tells you the time it came to your phone (which in this case is only right when you turned it back on or brought it out of airplane mode) not the original date / time it was sent by the sender.

    The information is very useful, because sometimes text messages dont make any sense unless you know what time they were sent.

    Like if someone says "Hey we're at xxxx xxxx, and we'll be here for another hour."

    Stuff like that you need to know when it was sent if you can't get through to the person again.
  8. nickacs

    nickacs Well-Known Member

    I agree that the SMS's shouldn't do this and wish it will either be addressed in a future OTA or a 3rd party app will "fix" it.
  9. superchaos

    superchaos Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't the sender's network have to be tapped into? The time you received it is the time it was sent to your phone. Another person's provider may have held it up on their network.
  10. booser4

    booser4 Well-Known Member

    I'm not too sure about the specifics of how it works, but it does normally work fine on any old phone I've ever had. The message shows the time that person sent it to you. Really hope there's some app to be able to see the original sent time. Otherwise is there a way to contact Android / Google and ask them to address it?

    Maybe I'll throw a post up at XDA as well, see if they know of anything.
  11. MsStarlite

    MsStarlite New Member

    Did any of you find a solution to this? I'm having the same problem and it's frustrating. :eek:
  12. TaylorPelletier

    TaylorPelletier Active Member

    on my voyager that only works from one verizon phone to another, have you been trying it with other carriers?
  13. Alfast

    Alfast Well-Known Member

    On my Blackberry curve it always shows the time they sent it also, even different carriers.
  14. TheWhiteBandito

    TheWhiteBandito Well-Known Member

    On my EnV2 it would say, for example:
    Sent: June 24 10:00 AM
    Stored: June 24 10:45 AM
    But this phone just has the time that it was received to the phone. I don't believe you would need to tap into the other person's network because Verizon's network receives the message and waits to send it to your phone I believe. I was able to have this feature no matter what carrier the other person was on.
  15. MsStarlite

    MsStarlite New Member

    In this particular instance we are same network, but it never mattered before. I would be able to see the time received and the actual time sent. I'm hoping it's a setting that someone knows about...?
  16. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    I've already answered this a few times..

    The time shown is the last time verizon pushed out the message. So if a message is sent at 11:00 and your phone is off, verizon keeps pushing the message every X seconds. When you receive it, the time shown is when it was received from Verizon. So it's not a bug, just the way the network handles it.

    Blame Verizon :)
  17. MsStarlite

    MsStarlite New Member

    Never said it was a bug, I just want to see the actual time a message is sent not when Verizon gets it to my phone. I have teenagers that I need to keep track of and knowing when they actually sent the text is extremely helpful. Whether its a setting that can be changed or an app I can use, I just want to have my incoming messages labeled with the time sent.
  18. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Id like to have this too. I think its and Android issue. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  19. ORRY?

    ORRY? Well-Known Member

    Subscribed for a solution. All my phones did this as well, and it really is helpful knowing when the message was actually sent.
  20. tesons

    tesons New Member

    Yes, I do believe it is an Android issue. Developers, this is a huge issue! Hopefully, a fix is in the works. Anyone?
  21. adamjs

    adamjs New Member

    No, it's definitely not Verizon. I just migrated from another phone (a 2 year old moto z6c, not even a smart phone) that always showed when texts were sent, regardless of whether the phone was off.

    This is such a big problem that I'm actually considering returning the phone. It effectively means I can't turn the phone off or use airplane mode. I would gladly pay for an app that fixes this.
  22. MsStarlite

    MsStarlite New Member

    Maybe if the update for non rooted phones ever comes, we'll get our message time stamp back. One can only hope!
  23. johnwillum

    johnwillum New Member

    My problem is exactly the same only worse.
    I never turn my phone off but because I live in an area where the signal is unreliable I often receive texts which are several hours late, sometimes not till the next day.
    It is extremely important that I find out when they were actually sent.
    As others have said, this has never been a problem before. Every phone i have had over several years has had this facility.
    iphones still do have it.
    Not having it is such a backward step.:mad:
  24. ashefps

    ashefps New Member

    This is still a problem, as my new Droid Bionic has this issue.

    My old Droid Incredible had this problem until I rooted it with Incredibly Re-Engineered, and then it displayed the time the the message was actually sent, and not the time that it was received at the handset.

    Before that my LG Dare always worked in the "correct" fashion and displayed the message time sent.
  25. gvnangelous

    gvnangelous New Member

    Hi there. There was an app I found called "Sms sent time fix". It's a recent app that has been added to the market about a month ago. I downloaded it and it fixes the issue. All you have to do is download the app, then click settings and check mark the box that says "Timezone fix #1" (Before I checkmarked the box, it had the hour [which the msg was actually sent] off so if the hours are off at first, checkmark that box.) Hopefully this fixes your issue! Thank you!
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