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  1. MikeAltogether

    MikeAltogether Active Member

    So every text message I receive is time-stamped for exactly one hour ahead of when it is actually received. However, all of my sent messages show the correct time. This is causing the order in which the messages are displayed to be incorrect, which can be confusing.

    I am in the US Central time zone, and so are all the people I have been messaging so far.

    Anyone else had this problem?

  2. Leprachaun56

    Leprachaun56 New Member

    That happened to me half an hour ago, but for the first time (and last, so far). My brother texted me and it was set for the next day at 5 am.
    but I have the Droid-I... just noticed this is for evo
  3. jjl1968

    jjl1968 New Member

    Mine was doing the same thing except an hour behind. I had mine set to "Network Time" and for some reason the GPS was switching my location from my hometown in the Eastern time zone and Chicago which is in the Central time zone. Check your clock and city on the front and see if yours is switching back and forth from Easter to Central zones as mine was. I changed from "network time" to "device time" and it hasn't done it since. This also made my alarm clock ring an hour late which made me late for a meeting. I wasn't so happy about that!
  4. RobertBMcNeill

    RobertBMcNeill New Member

    hello all.
    i too am new to the smart phone arena and am experiencing a similar problem in that my out-going texts are time-stamped correctly, but my incoming messages are stamped about 5 hours earlier. it really makes it difficult to follow the thread.

    any ideas?

    oh yeah i have a captivate if that makes a difference.
  5. RobertBMcNeill

    RobertBMcNeill New Member

    sorry i found this post with a google search and posted before i realised it was a htc thread

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