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Text messages to wrong personSupport

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  1. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    I've looked on the search for the answer to this but my problem doesnt quite seem to match the others.

    With a totally empty txt list I can send a txt to a person 'A' and it goes ok.

    I then choose person 'B' from my contacts and send them a text. The text goes to them. So far so good.

    I get an answer from both 'A' and 'B' and try to reply to one of them....either of them.....and the text goes to a completly different person who isn't one that I am texting...' D' ...and that isn't on the text list at all, is nowhere near the texting and who should be sitting in the contacts happily minding their own business....:)

    I clear my texts so don't have any limits reached, don't have long lists that I could get confused with.

    I send to 'A' or 'B' that I am texting and suddenly the text has gone to 'D' all on it's own.

    Anyone got any ideas please?

    Ang x

  2. arnold22

    arnold22 Well-Known Member

    This has happened to me and a simple reboot of the phone fixed the issue.

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  3. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    This is going to sound daft, but is a re boot when you take the battery out, leave it a few mins then put it back in again?

    Ang x
  4. jholder56

    jholder56 New Member

    OK. New to the forum. But, I am at my wits end with this HIGH END phone. By the time I left my service provider, thinking I had the latest and greatest thing, and a shy under $400 poorer. Little did I know that the thing would take on a life of it's own. Seriously, taking the battery out several times a week is the answer? I have taken the thing in several times and the miracle cure (big secret) is to take the battery out and wait 5 minutes and reinstall. I clear out not only my text log, but my call log as well..several times a week and take the battery out..as it still has been known to randomly send a text to the wrong persons. Sometimes it is someone that I recently called and have never sent a text message.
    I want my old Nokia back. Never had this problem when just calling and sending a text message was all I could do. Which leads me to the suspected issue.....changed service providers, they downloaded my call log from my old phone and from the very beginning I had problems. It isn't like I am a "happy" over user. I get several text msgs a day and that is about it. But, when the a text goes to your boss that isn't intended.....NOT GOOD. So I'm very cautious as to what I put in a text now.
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  5. ffcloud2000

    ffcloud2000 Member

    Mines been working pretty flawlessly but i'm using a custom 2.2 rom

    Samsung Galaxy 3 (GT-i5801)
    | :cool: Kyrillos' ROM :rolleyes: |​
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  6. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    Well now the texts seem to be going to the one I send them to, but like jholder56 I am still being very cautious about what I txt. Anything of a private nature goes via my spare Samsung U800 none android very normal and old basic phone that has never ever in it's long and happy life let me down...

    However, needing constant excitment in my otherwise boring existence, I now have my Apollo saying MESSAGE FAILED when I try to txt anyone. Time and time again the message failed comes up with the warning triangle at the top. However, it appears the Apollo is just playing cos it very often is actually sending the said messages....one mate let me know he had received the same txt 4 times....:rolleyes:

    There is always a few signal bars when this happens, no stored txt messages or phone logs cos like jholder56 I clear them all. In fact, I clear each txt conversation as it ends.

    No reason on this earth for it to be happening, and again it only stops doing it when I take the battery out.

    It's not upgraded, messed about with, no funny settings being used, not been dropped, stamped on or hurled up the garden.....yet...and of course it spends many an hour on the 'naughty step' of the stairs...

    I'm actually starting to wonder whether to just keep this phone's battery charged for when I'm away so I can drop the sim in and browse the net and use my old phone for every day....

    I don't suppose anyone can come up with any good reason why I shouldn't start to plot a good way to kill this phone eh...:):)

    Ang x
  7. arnold22

    arnold22 Well-Known Member

    I don't seem to have that many issues when I had 2.1 but just upgraded to the official 2.2 yesterday. I do have to pull the battery out a couple of times a month because the phone froze up on me but often it is because I am impatient and become click happy.
    I also reboot my phone (Power Off) once a week. I find it keeps the phone running smooth and faster. Kinda like shutting down your PC.

    Those are my only advise but then again I am not a programmer and do not know the in's and out's of Android like some of developers.

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  8. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    If I don't turn mine off at night it sort of acts up next day, doing even more stupid things than it does normally.

    I'll leave it on tonight and monitor it tomorrow so I can put here what it does.

    Ang x
  9. arnold22

    arnold22 Well-Known Member

    You may want to back up your phone and do a factory reset to see if that helps.

  10. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    I don't think I'd be able to back it up Kris cos I can't get Kies to work on my PC. Tried twice now and it just plays the PC up. Not being very good with anything technical I'm not too sure of how I'd do it any other way....

    I did wonder whether to take it into the Orange shop and let the youngster wizz kids have a play with it...

    Ang x
  11. arnold22

    arnold22 Well-Known Member

  12. arnold22

    arnold22 Well-Known Member

    You may also want to make sure you have the lastest Drivers and version of Kies. Otherwise you will have issue getting your PC to detect your phone.

  13. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    I have all my contacts on my sim....none on the phone at all.

    If I re-set it should I take out the sim or leave it in while I do it?

    The only apps I have put on are Facebook and AVG and Google maps so they would be easy to put back on.

    Kies....the last time I tried to get it was only two weeks ago and it stopped my wifi dongle thing working and made the PC slower than dial-up....plus a few other probs so I don't really want to be doing it again. If I take pics with the phone I put the data card into the PC to get them off mass storage....but I dismount it first....other than that I don't put music files or anything on the phone, never connect it to the PC so the probs that Kies bring to my PC aren't really worth me having it...:)

    Thanks for all your input guys...:)

    Ang x
  14. zlod

    zlod Member

    out of interest, when it sends the text to the wrong person, does it show up as going to that other person once sent?

    you could try using an app from android market rather than the stock messaging facility to see if that helps - i use Handcent (although have a couple of minor issues with it, otherwise it's fine (plus it doesn't turn texts that are over 3 texts long into mms)
  15. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    I'll be in the middle of a txt conversation with someone, only the one conversation going on, and I'll start to reply, with the conversation still in veiw, type the txt and press send. The name at the top of the txt pops up as someone else out of my contacts, not the one I was sending to.

    It's most odd.

    Ang x
  16. kerky

    kerky New Member

    This happens to me too and it's really annoying. Rebooting based on advice from another site but it's taking all day. Have a constant pic on the screen of the android symbol with a triangle next to it and an exclamation mark. It's been doing this for hours. Don't think it's possible to take the battery out of my handset. It's a Galaxy tab and I can't find anywhere for a battery, though there will be one in there somewhere.
  17. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    I've done a lot of searches on this and it would appear that quite a few folks have the same problem.

    Seems it is a bug in the software....no a bug as in something that can be caught...but something not quite right from new.

    The way I stop it happening is to regularly clear the cache, cookies history etc.

    Hope that helps.
    Ang x
  18. dr01db0y

    dr01db0y New Member

    I just recently bought a Droid Charge. The first one, worked for a day then took it back to the Kiosk and they couldn't get any SMS card to work on it. (Two employees in this store were using the same phone.)After 45 minutes, one clerk saw the error in their computer and fixed the phone. I brought it back the next day with the same problem. They ordered me a new one.

    Now I'm not insane. I send text messages as much as any teenager would, though I'm not that young, and I send a lot of them. What happened was, I kept getting responses from people I know saying "What?" and I'd look and look and sure enough, even though I sent the text to say Charles, I'd get a reply from say, Rebecca. I'd close out of text and open it, and there would be nothing for Charles but there was a message for Rebecca. It wouldn't have my original text most of the time but sometimes it did.

    In my case, I was sending a message from a WITNESS to another OFFICER, it went to the PERP. As soon as I had seen what had happened I knew this woman had a lawsuit and the company was going to have me breathing down their necks.

    Here are some of the things we can determine.

    1. It only happens on 4g.
    2. It only happens to people in your phone book.
    3. It is seamlessly random.
    4. It can be avoided by making phone calls only, or texting from a different network.
    5. Phone calls are still the safest way, unless being bugged or recorded.
    6. Text messages and now, even phone calls can be recorded and stored, are not often accessed.
    7. Yes a warrant is required.
    and finally:
    8. Don't send anything in a text you wouldn't send to a parent, who is sharing her messages out loud at the dinner table with the local cops.

    As someone mentioned, rebooting the phone helps, not a fix and it will be right back to doing again. So unless you reboot your phone after every text message sent, there is no way to avoid this.
  19. dr01db0y

    dr01db0y New Member

    I believe this started right after 2.2, I you see in mine I'm way past that. We need to revive this thread, and slap the right people with it. Our privacy could in some cases save lives.

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