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  1. DTown

    DTown New Member

    So it seems the text messaging on my phone is not working correctly when it comes to drafts. So here's the situation. When I write something in the text box, then hit the back button or home screen button, it saves the message as a draft. When I go back to the message, the text is sitting there still, which is fine.

    What is not fine is that if I decide not to send this message, it will not go away. I can hit the menu button, hit drafts, and delete the draft, I can manually delete the text in the message and send a different message, I can manually delete the text and then back out to the menu attempting to save the blank space as a new draft... etc. None of it works. When I go back into the text message conversation, the original text that was saved as the draft is always there. This means I have to delete the text every time before I start actually typing what I want to say.

    I realize this is a difficult problem to describe, but does anyone else think they are having similar issues? Is it just a glitch that will hopefully be rectified in the near future? Am I an idiot somehow, and I am just missing something? Thanks!

  2. JMF_Droid

    JMF_Droid Well-Known Member

    ^Yes I totally had that issue the first day I got my phone. I was texting someone...had to exit out for a minute, came back...it was saved as a draft, so I finished it, sent it...no big deal...but like you said, every time I came back to text w/ that person the draft message was sitting in the text box. It would NEVER go away, no matter how many times I deleted the draft or erased the message in the text box. Eventually it stopped after I deleted the message thread & rebooted a few times.
  3. lostdroid

    lostdroid Member

    I just had a similar problem yesteday. It would fill in the text box with a message I sent over a week ago everytime I tried to reply to the same person on different messages. I shut the phone off completely and it seemed to fix it.
  4. McNevin

    McNevin New Member

    I swear I did this once, but now I have several draft messages, and yet I don't have the 'Drafts' under the menu.

    I'm on Android 2.3.4

    Anyone know how to get into the drafts menu?
  5. nickc9.3

    nickc9.3 Well-Known Member

    I had this same problem. If you delete the thread you shpuld be fine. Also i scrapped the stock sms and downloaded go sms. It is much better and faster. Never had that problem again.

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