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    Jul 15, 2012
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    Me and my fiance just switched out prepaid straighttalk phones to new phones. He is not having any problems with his, but mine is the Huawei Ascend II and I seem to have had nothing but this text messaging problem since I turned the thing on.

    I have seen a few threads like this ,but nothing that is quite the same.

    Basically, when I send a message it has about and 80% chance of giving me this message that says "Message Not Sent" in my notifications. However, the person I send the messages to, mainly my fiance, says that he has been getting the messages regardless.

    I have tried clearing the data in the application menu, I tried a hard reset several times, and I have tried simply turning it on and off. Any ideas at all on what I could do? It's really very annoying and I'd rather not live with the problem.


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