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  1. Shane777man

    Shane777man Member

    I can no longer receive/send any attachment through text messaging. It will show a button to download but never downloads. Any suggestions or ideas?

  2. Shane777man

    Shane777man Member

    Reloaded Velocity..all is great
  3. Pwnage

    Pwnage Well-Known Member

    Did you wipe user, cache, and dalvik cache when you installed velocity?
  4. Rjuhl7

    Rjuhl7 New Member

    Noob here. I have the same downloading from message problem. I searched velocity in app marketplace. got 132 listings. Would someone please give me a stet-by-step? thanks much.
  5. imnotmikal

    imnotmikal Well-Known Member Developer

    Because you don't know what Velocity is, I'm going to assume you aren't even rooted. In which case, I have no idea why this wouldn't be working for you.
  6. gutted

    gutted Well-Known Member

    Having a problem downloading pics in a text?

    If that's it try *228.

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