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Text not showing up when typing!!! HELPSupport

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    EVILTEDDI Well-Known Member

    I have an htc evo.4g rooted phone, and occasionally my damn phone just doesn't show up any text while I'm either text messaging or trying to type a message on facebook. Ill have to wait a minute for it to finally let me start typing words that will show up. So damn frustrating some one please help me figure out this problem! ​

  2. Calm down, and try a hard reset. You didn't mention what rom you are using, which could very well be the cause of this.

    EVILTEDDI Well-Known Member

    Im kinda new to the HTC evo, and i dont know much about roms and how to hard reset... All ive done to it was rooted it so i didnt have to pay for a hotspot, I have alot of pictures on my phone though should I back them all up on to my computer if i do this hard reset? and how do i go about doing it?
  4. aaz110

    aaz110 Well-Known Member

    I had this same problem. Are you using SetCPU or another Overclock/Underclock app? Occasionally I was finding that SetCPU wasn't correctly setting the clock speed back up when my screen was turned on. I had to go back into SetCPU, and do the "disable perflock" option (again), until it bumped my clock speed back up to 997 mHz. When I did that, it would fix the problem with text not showing up.

    EVILTEDDI Well-Known Member

    No ive never downloaded setcpu although ive heard of it, this is so frusturating, like 5mins ago i get a text message and i goto reply and start to type and AGAIN nothing showing as i text, i close "messaging" go back to home and re open messaging and same thing happens i try texting but nothing shows up, so 30 secs later after i keep pressing keys on the keyboard hoping something will show up and it finally does so then im able to text back. 10mins later i get another new text and i am able to text back fine with no problem it just happens so random but so often -_-
  6. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Welcome to the forums! You've come to right place for friendly help from great Evo buds.

    OK - you're new to the Evo, we all were once, and we've collectively had all sorts of problems just like you, and we've figured them out.

    First - don't sweat SetCPU or overclocking or roms right now. That all belongs to a class of customization for an Android phone called rooting - and you said your phone was rooted. The guys asked you about that just for process of elimination to zero in on your problem - so while confusing, they asked for good reason and now we know what's next.

    Next -

    Any app can get screwy on your phone - or things might get flaky in general - because you have nearly the equivalent of a powerful laptop in a mighty small - and _portable_ - package. Meaning - stuff happens.

    What stuff? Basically - two common things, consider trying each of the following in order.

    Hardware glitch:

    For various reasons, like a little power spike while charging or something like that - a logic state can get stuck in the hardware. You'll advice to do a battery pull and you should try it for this problem. WITHOUT charger plugged in! - Remove back cover, remove battery, wait a full 60 seconds, re-insert battery, re-start phone, see if problem solved.

    Software glitch:

    Android is a form of Linux - originally a desktop, disc-based operating system. All of the stuff that a program on your laptop would put on a hard drive is stored in memory on your Evo. Sometimes, a glitch happens in Windows - you restart the program or reboot the laptop - the good data comes back in from disk to memory.

    But on Android, once memory is hosed a little bit, there's no disk - so - you have clear the right memory areas.

    The way you do that is with a hard reset or Factory Reset.

    Good news is that fixes a LOT of whacky problems.

    Bad news is that it loses all of your setups and customizations.

    Good news is that everyone worked together here and figured out the right strategy to backup your Evo, do the factory (hard) reset, then restore your stuff.

    Instructions for that are here:

    It will suggest you spend maybe 5 bucks for a backup program - that will pay for itself over the life of your phone.

    It will also suggest some free or cheaper workarounds for your backup. If you go this route, and if you have any SMS messages you want to save, then search the Market for "SMS backup" and get one of those for free. (I'll be updating the How to fix Froyo thread to add that asap.)

    Good news is that doing factory resets is not something you should expect to do all of the time or anything.


    And the number one place to start in our Support and Troubleshooting forum (this one!) is the permanent thread at the top - we call it a sticky thread. We try to keep that up-to-date with links to ideas like this one - once your typing issue is calmed down, good idea to check it out even if you don't have problems.


    Hope this helps!


    PS - When you're ready to explore root and roms and so forth, there's a sub-forum for that - but that's totally optional and not something you do until you've tried your Evo and got the hang of it - in my opinion. Here's the link: http://androidforums.com/evo-4g-all-things-root/

    EVILTEDDI Well-Known Member

    just did a factory reset on my phone last night my phone was working perfectly after the reset then this morning was texting some people, worked fine still then about 5mins later got a text went to reply and it happened again....tried texting, nothing showing up on screeen. ill try to get a video up if it happens again so i can show u all what i mean if you dont understand, please help!! thank you all!
  8. probinson

    probinson Well-Known Member

    You could always wander into a Sprint store (preferably one that does repairs) and let them have a look.
  9. Yeah, if a hard reset didnt fix it, that means its likely a hardware defect. Take it to a sprint store, be sure to tell them you have already done a hard reset and that didnt work. And dont forget to unroot and return to a stock rom before taking it in.

    EVILTEDDI Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this fixed it or not but uninstalled power AMP music player the other day and problem hasnt came up yet, if the problem comes up again can i get the directions on how to unroot my phone to take it back? thanks!
  11. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Sheesh - forehead slap!

    That makes perfect sense.

    In Android, you can arrow-return or Home away from many apps and those apps will sleep but the services they use will be chugging away in the background.

    Power AMP Music Player has a lot 5-star reviews (including at least one on an Evo) - but I'd suspect that either it - or it in combination with something else - started CPU sucking in the background so that keyboard IO couldn't be serviced correctly.

    And it makes sense that you were fine after a hard reset (moreso than a simple reboot) because you probably killed all cross links where services and things were re-starting each other. Shortly after that, it degraded either because of innocent task starting you did - or one or more apps set an intent - the mechanism that wakes apps you don't.

    So - removing Power AMP changed your whole execution profile (if you're not a software guy - that terms means what it implies, close enough) sufficiently that your keyboard is responding.

    To me, this suggests one of three things:
    • Power AMP doesn't deserve its ratings and those rating users are atypical
    • Power AMP is ok - but you've left behind the real culprit and this problem will recur
    • There was no culprit per se, you've got an unlucky mix of apps (in my mind, this means they're all culprits)

    So - here's whatcha do:

    Download any or all of these tools, free in the Market:
    • SystemPanel Lite
    • Spare Parts
    • Android System Info (by Electric Sheep)

    These are various types of task, cpu and memory monitors.

    Start with them in the order I've given you. We'll walk you through your user questions - plenty of us here use them.

    Look for apps or services with high cpu percentages - and especially with Spare Parts, look for what seems to be using your battery a lot.

    And with Android System Info especially - go into settings, manage applications and force kill it when done - it does a lot, so it is a bit of a battery hog.

    The key for all of these tools are - they look plain (or busy - but plain) at first glance, but tapping or holding down any entry - even things you think aren't - are usually really buttons that help you drill down and learn more.

    If I'm right, you'll quickly find and report - and one or more of us will confirm - some app or process using too much resource when supposedly idle.

    There's some simple tricks to all of this, so don't be alarmed by what you see at first. For example, many cpu% reports are relative - not absolute. Something may be using an alarming 50% cpu - when your system is idling at just 15% capability - so that's 50% of 15% in some cases. (This false alarm is common to seeing high usage of the Android System when idling, for example.)

    Start with the first two, see what they're saying.

    Then - add Power AMP back, and see how things changed.

    If it's the problem, remove it again.

    But - you might find something else hogging instead when your key entry stops or slows. If so - that's the real culprit.

    I personally prefer the last one - but it's a bit of a hog, as I said. So others tend to prefer the first two.

    And - when you're done with these things - use Astro File Manager to quickly back these up to your SD card - and then uninstall them. That way, you'll have 'em in your back pocket if you ever need 'em again, without needing Market access, but you'll avoid having them taking up your main storage for no reason.

    Make sense??
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