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  1. Frostypawz

    Frostypawz Active Member

    I have the standard text message notification sound enabled on my s3. It is a whistling sequence consisting of a series of five tones. Lately,I have only been hearing the first two tones of the notification. It seems to cut off before the rest of the sequence plays. Does anyone else experience something similar?

  2. lewisbfield

    lewisbfield Active Member

    i had this a few months back. you have to edit the number of max texts to be a huge number, i think mine is at 700.

    just go into the settings of your texts and it will be in there. you just have to many saved messages.
  3. np0726

    np0726 New Member

    I've noticed the same thing since I got Jelly Bean. It appears to only happen when the thread of the person texting you reaches the max number. Erasing the thread worked for me.

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