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  1. Dunc-x10

    Dunc-x10 Well-Known Member

    I am getting pictures sent me by text but I can't find out how to save them so I can upload to my computer :confused:

    Can you save them ?

  2. JPBrowne

    JPBrowne Active Member

    Yes you can.
    Long press on the image and select copy to sd card from the pop up menu. The pictute will be in the download folder on the sd card. You can then copy it to your computer.
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  3. Dunc-x10

    Dunc-x10 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that I found this not long after I posted, What I wanted to do it save them in my Medea so I can look at them on my phone like I do with the pics taken on my phone and this does not seem possible without transferring them with computer 1st :(
  4. JPBrowne

    JPBrowne Active Member

    If you do the long press and they copy the photos to the downloads folder on the SD card they should appear in mediascape on the phone. If you go into photos on mediascape and then select all albums, download should be listed as an album.
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  5. Dunc-x10

    Dunc-x10 Well-Known Member

    Thank you found them :)

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