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  1. mrsmittens

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    A couple of weeks ago I started having problems with text messages with just one friend of mine. All others remained normal. Texts he sent me were only coming through with half his message, the other half was randomly pasting on bits of old texts he'd sent previously. This shows up on my phone however his message thread looks as it should do. My phone is set so that after a certain amount of messages are sent from a contact the old ones are deleted so I didn't think it could be a storage problem. However I deleted all his old messages and it temporarily fixed the problem, although occasionally is still doing it.

    However today he can text me fine but nothing I send him is getting through to him. I have tried deleting old messages again but it is still not working. And again only to him, texting anyone else is fine.

    Has anyone had any experience of this before or do you know how to fix it? I just don't understand why the problem wouldn't be a problem for all rather than just picking out one number?

    Many thanks

  2. mrsmittens

    mrsmittens New Member

    Sorry, this looks like it was my friend's phones problem after all. No help required.

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