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  1. Allie

    Allie New Member

    Hello All...
    I have the xperia mini pro with Tmobile and recently updated to 2.1. Somehow, when my partner sends me a text, i get my mums number come up with it too, both numbers in long number format, not names...I sent a forward to them both not so long ago but have since deleted their contact details, added them again...then when i tried handcent it added my dad too when i got texts off my partner!! Again he was in the forward i sent...but it's all been deleted since!!! When i reply to my partner, it goes to my mums number. I have now uninstalled handscent until this has been sorted. I suspect a bug issue maybe with 2.1? i have contacted Tmobile in case they are aware of a fix...Other than that i have to reply to my partner by starting a new text which isnt fun when the whole point of the set-up is to view messages as conversations...it is just my mum and my partner linked...I have tried not syncing with google, facebook etc...still no luck.

  2. Sovoth

    Sovoth Member

    Hi, I have the exact same issue with my Xperia X8. I sent a single text to 2 people now whenever I receive a text off person A it has person B's number on it too so any reply from me will go to both numbers.

    I haven't been able to solve this so any help will be appreciated!!
  3. Armourduck

    Armourduck New Member

    I have the same problem, all since I updated the phone.
    I have no idea why, or how the hell I get rid of it!
    Please help, because it annoys me DEARLY.
  4. kayman1uk

    kayman1uk New Member

    Me too. After upgrading to 2.1, when my best mate sends me a text, the text comes from both his and my flatmate's numbers - but it doesn't recognise either one as a contact (it shows the numbers separated by ';', not using contact names).

    If I reply to this, it sends a message to both of them and my flatmate invariably asks what I'm talking about because she wasn't involved in the first text.

    This only happens with that one number: my best friend's. If my flatmate texts me, I just get a message from her with her name displayed correctly.

    I have no memory of sending a text to both of them, though I'm sure I have at some point in the past. It first happened about 1 hour after upgrading Android.

  5. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    The first thing I would advise all of you to do given that this has occurred after running an update is to reload the firmware via a Repair using PC Companion.
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  6. NGV

    NGV New Member

    I was having exactly the same problem, very well described by kayman1uk.

    I wasn't sure whether it had something to do with the numbers involved (my kids') being very similar (only 1 digit different) or because I had once tried to group them in Handcent in order to send texts to both easily (although I created other groups which didn't give the same problem to members of those).

    I had uninstalled Handcent and deleted and re-added the kids' number, all to no avail (even when neither number was in the address book, texts from my son always showed with daughter's number first; texts from her were fine).

    Having found this thread (which proved I'm not going mad!) I followed Sam-SEanswers's advice and used PC Companion to Repair the phone (after backing up first, of course). It was a bit of a pain (restore doesn't include icon layout, application data, some of which I forgot to export out so lost, etc. etc.) but it does seem to have cured the problem as my son just texted me and it came up just from him rather than from his sister and him - Hoorah! :)
  7. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Glad to help :)
  8. manojrkr

    manojrkr New Member

    Hi Sam,
    Although i've been using x10 mini pro for more than a yr now, i still feel like a rookie.
    Could you please list the steps/procedure to do the repair thing you just mentioned. I'm facing the same problem since i upgraded to 2.1
  9. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

  10. Maunang

    Maunang New Member


    Did this repair through pccompanion, but am still unable to resolve this issue for my X10i
  11. blaze_dave

    blaze_dave Well-Known Member

    Me too, tried that and it did nothing. Please help!
  12. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    After you performed the repair, did you manually enter your contacts or did you restore/copy them from your SIM or memory card?
  13. dumbblond

    dumbblond New Member

    Hi, sorry to bump this thread when it is so old, but i'm having the same problem. My husband and daughter both receive text messages from me when i try and send my husband a message. It is fine if i reply to a message he has sent me, but if i delete the conversation and start again, it combines them again. It is fine if i send a message to my daughter.

    So far, i've deleted all conversations with both of them.
    I've deleted them both as as contacts, and any other contacts such as home or ice that have their numbers in them.
    I've restarted my phone.
    I've backed up my contacts to sd card and sim card without any effect.
    my phone has been reinstalled/repaired via pc companion.
    googling the problem leads me here. :)

    I have hundreds of work contacts on my phone and aren't keen to enter them one at a time as suggested above, is there any way of exporting contacts to an excel file and editing them manually then re-importing them?

    There are no current plans to upgrade to ICS (4.1) in nz, i've contacted the provider. I really love this phone but am getting pretty annoyed with this problem. Like another user above it occurred when i was trying to group them together so i could send messages to both of them.

    Thanks very much :)

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