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  1. magalan

    magalan Member

    This is my first samsung and it's a pretty simple problem. but when i'm in my photo gallery and i choose the 'share' option to text a photo to someone the text message option doesnt come up. anyone know how to fix this. i know it can be done because my wife's phone has that option. This is what my screen looks like. (and yes i scrolled down to the bottom. it isn't there)

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  2. coffaholic

    coffaholic Member

    The messaging icon is still up at the top in your picture (beside the share icon). Can you tap that icon to send the picture?
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  3. magalan

    magalan Member

    i sure can! boy i feel like an idiot. i thought that was the mail icon.
  4. coffaholic

    coffaholic Member

    From what it looks like, it remembers the last choice you used when "sharing" and keeps that easily accessible at the top.

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