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  1. Idleisaac

    Idleisaac New Member

    I'm getting a "You rced this message because you sent a text to a number without the area code or used an invalid short code msg 2114." text when I send a text to ANYONE in my contacts, it just started about 3 hours ago when I woke up.
    I've even tried texting though the default program, GoSMS, and a free-texting program called "HeyWire", and I still get the message. (I even tried texting my phone's number through HeyWire, still got the message)
    Things I have tried:

    • Turning off phone, taking out battery for a few minutes then rebooting.
    • Turning off phone, taking out battery and SD card, putting them back in, rebooting.
    • Erased all of my text conversations.
    • Erased all Dialer & Dialer Storage data.
    • Backed up all of my contacts, then erased them from my phone, then tried texting one of them with just the number (No longer a contact)
    • Tried texting while on 3G/WiFi.

      None of those worked, and I've tried each multiple times. I"m still able to connect to 3G/WiFi, but for some odd reason I can't connect to the internet with 3G,,,

  2. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    a quick google search gave me this. might be relevant. might be just a setting in ur sms program. also, have u just tried putting a 1 in front of the area code? give it a shot.
  3. varenHjames

    varenHjames Well-Known Member

    also, try taking out the sim....and leaving it out...or backing it up, formatting(or just erase, who knows) then trying? are you rooted? and if so, do you have any odd permissions that pop up?
  4. Jeni_James

    Jeni_James Well-Known Member

    VM just redid their ENTIRE system. Phone numbers NEED to be like this: (***)***-**** or they WONT work.
  5. Moth Speck

    Moth Speck New Member

    All my phone numbers are just like that, and I still cant send or receive texts. And it seems VM is STILL updatng their system....for TWO weeks or more now.:mad:

    Is it likely this text problem is related to this update?
  6. Jeni_James

    Jeni_James Well-Known Member

    Call them...
  7. nigt4003

    nigt4003 New Member

    I found out that updating your PRL helped me in this situation. Im not sure the cause, but it may have fixed it.
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  8. roadkill42

    roadkill42 Well-Known Member

    Good glad u got it fixed

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