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    VPALLARI New Member

    Just came to the S3 4gLTE from iPhone and am loving it so far. Just curious about something though. I do a ton of picture texting. On this phone, when I get a picture from someone and click to open it, it plays like a video for 5 seconds. And NO, the person didnt send me a video :) Its just a picture, but the bottom of the application im viewing it in has a play, pause, next chapter and previous chapter button. And it actually trys to play the picture for 5 seconds. Not too annoying, but just kind of funky

  2. djGorillaman

    djGorillaman New Member

    Yep same here..... and i cant zoom in on the picture i hate it and hope there is a fix.
  3. Ventric

    Ventric Member

    I've found that when I send or receive a picture (MMS) without text, it opens with Gallery as an image; but if you receive an MMS with text, it plays it like a slideshow. It's kind of odd. I don't really see why you would further "open" a threaded text message if it wasn't to look at the picture. Not really sure why they decided to have that functionality.

  4. yeah i found the same thing...i came from iphone to s3 too took it back to telstra cos i thought it was playing up...annoying as fvck because thats what the very first mms pics did on the nokia 52whateveritwas u get used to it though..just tell the girls/guys not to put text in when they send you erotic pics hahahaha

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