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  1. seaninfrared

    seaninfrared Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 25, 2009
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    Basically, when someone texts me, it shows the past messages like a dialogue box right?

    When I text back, the message fails to send. This only happens when I use 'Reply'. So I check the number of the friend who text me, and it has changed to 44... instead of 0... So not only is it missing the +, but it just doesn't let me reply. So I have to edit the message, and manually change the person I want it to send back to.

    I know this is kind of confusing sorry, but it is really bugging me. It is stopping me from replying to a text, and instead making it a hassle because I have to basically write a brand new text!

    Grrr, help please!


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