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Texting Problem

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  1. angeldroid

    angeldroid Member

    My granddaughter has a Samsung Galaxy SII (ST)......she's had it since Sept. '12.....2 days ago she began having text problems...she can RECEIVE texts OK...but cannot SEND them....she keeps getting a "Message Failed" after hitting "SEND"....
    She has no trouble sending and receiving texts from Tango...
    I've had her do the "soft" reset (power down, remove/replace battery, power up) to no avail.....I don't want to have to do a factory reset unless it's absolutely necessary!!
    If it's a possible issue with APN settings...what should she/I be looking for?
    ANY HELP is appreciated!

  2. Manodedios

    Manodedios Well-Known Member

    Check the APN settings match to what s/t uses the setting are on there site.
  3. tlopez1973

    tlopez1973 Well-Known Member

    this happen to me too after three days like this i finally called straight talk my issue was in messaging app setting under (text sms messages)there is a number there that straight talk uses just make sure you dont mess with it.after i talked to then they changed that number to something else and after that every thing worked fine..
  4. angeldroid

    angeldroid Member

    Many Thanks to all!!
    I'll run this by my granddaughter this weekend!!:D
  5. arkbgirl

    arkbgirl Member

    Do you k ow the number Iam having same problem ??

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