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  1. ebowles385

    ebowles385 Member

    Hello folks, I'm having some issues with this crappy motorola i1. After I get about 1000 text messages, the phone slows to a crawl, and I can't even delete threads at that point - trying to do so will resulting the the sms process crashing. The only solution I've had is to master reset, but doing so every week is getting to be a real pain. Any suggestions on this one?

  2. xBlean

    xBlean Member

    I have the same phone, and I can /try/ to help you....
    First off:
    When you said: "After I get about
    1000 text messages", are you saying you have a TOTAL of 1,000 texts currently in your inbox? =\

    Once I started experiencing a text slowdown, I invested in a third-party SMS app and found ChompSMS to work waaaaay bettter than the default SMS app, so try that out. (And, its free!)
  3. DannoTHEManno

    DannoTHEManno New Member

    I have over 3300 texts from my GF and I was able to delete the content but not the names ( me:... her: ) How do I get rid of that? HELP!

  4. Munhoz

    Munhoz Member

    ChompSMS is incredible, much more "likable" than the default messaging application.

    But I noticed when I receive a message, the LED doesn't blink, even though I changed the settings on Chomp. Does anybody knows anything about that?

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