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  1. xiaoqing

    xiaoqing New Member

    Hi All

    I am a new User of Samsung mobile phone - Galaxy Note. I love its size, however, I have an issue with the texting.

    I had enabled the auto-capitalization and auto-full stop on the Samsung Keypad but it does not work at all. :confused:

    Any advise?


  2. alpertopcu

    alpertopcu Member

    I really don't like the stock keyboard. I would recommend thumbkeyboard. I write twice faster on that one. And it has split keyboard option for horizantal use.
  3. yegon

    yegon Well-Known Member

    Swiftkey Tablet X is good too.
  4. xiaoqing

    xiaoqing New Member

    Thanks guy.... those recommended keyboard must pay one... I am a cheapo!! lol. So I downloaded Touchpal keyboard and it's quite good.. at least the period shows when i tap twice on the spacebar and its auto cap on a new sentence. Seems good to this point. :)

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