Texts are often not sent on my Exihibit IIGeneral

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  1. veniceboy

    veniceboy Member

    Dear all,
    i have Exihibit II since 2 weeks. The first 2 days all ok, then I started to have some problems with texting. Randomly, and I really say randomly, when I try to send texts it says fail. When it happens, I would say on average 20% of the times if i try again it goes through after the 2 or 3rd trial. the other 80% of the times there is no way to send it (after i hit resend 15-20 times I give up). And another thing: of the person to whom I was trying to send a text that was unsent, I would say 90% of the persons did not receive anything, a couple of persons texted me back saying that they received a broken or empty text, and 2 persons told me stop sending me 10 times the same text (clearly I was trying to resend it but it was always saying "failed". Does anybody have this issue? I use the stock sms application. I had no new application installed since the issued started. Up to now i just have a couple new apps (chess, a dictionary and thats it).

  2. sreum

    sreum Well-Known Member

    check this thred out. Give the directions in it a try.
  3. zemon3

    zemon3 New Member

    Simple answer: Switch Airplane mode on and on. Permanent, no. Simple, yes.

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