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Texts don't vibrate anymore?Support

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  1. hybridremix

    hybridremix New Member

    My GS2 got upgraded to v4.0.3 and my texts won't vibrate. I can't find a setting anywhere for this ... all my options are default sound effects. Apparently the overall sound profile doesn't apply to notifications anymore. Obviously I've got to be missing something. Anyone help?

  2. Ikenstein

    Ikenstein Well-Known Member

    I also had this problem. I had been using GoSMS and was missing texts while at work. I decided to try Handcent because GoSMS was giving me other problems as well (not playing notification sound randomly). Since I installed Handcent, I haven't had a problem. I didn't change any settings, simply installed Handcent and the issue has seemed to resolve itself.

    Have you gone into your SMS (texting) app and checked the settings there as well? The general phone settings are separate from the settings within each app. Hope that helps.

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