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  1. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Hi folks,

    I have been on Straight Talk since August of this year but I would say that starting last month, long text messages are all out of order. This was happening on my Galaxy Nexus as well as my new Nexus 4. Running stock or a custom rom.

    I am on ST but using an AT&T sim card.

    Most people that text me are on VZW, so dunno if that has something to do with it.

    Thoughts anyone?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. sounreal

    sounreal Well-Known Member

    You could try to find a setting in whatever text message you are using that will let you show text messages in order of when you received them. If its already checked off then uncheck it.
  3. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    This is the stock messaging app. There is no setting for this.
  4. sounreal

    sounreal Well-Known Member

    install another one like Handcent SMS and look for that setting and see if it works. Any chance you use Google Voice?
  5. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Don't care for handcent. Believe it or not, I do not use Google voice. :eek:
  6. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    Using Google Voice for text messages is great.

    Two things to keep in mind though...

    1) Can't use "short text numbers"... you know, like what they use on TV shows for you to text in your votes. Google Voice only supports sending texts to phone numbers.

    2) Can't do MMS. This isn't a big deal for me as I usually email pics/video to people rather than use MMS. I think more and more companies are going to push people into doing this. I expect MMS to go away within 5 years.
  7. sounreal

    sounreal Well-Known Member

    I only asked about Google voice cause some times I think it mess things up. It does not matter what 3rd party text app you use I just want to know if you have the same issue.
  8. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    I may open up a ticket with ST. This started happening to me about a month ago. Thinking its a tower or network issue as this has not happened in the past with them.

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