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Texts wont send. says theyre "pending"

  1. rydern

    rydern New Member

    So starting today, all (but one) of the texts that I send don't go through and say they are

    "pending" when I view the message details. The texts sent to my dad won't go through, he

    uses a Droid incredible, and my girlfriend, who uses an iPhone. The one text that went

    through went to my brother who uses some old junky phone. I'm wondering if there's

    omething I can do to fix this problem?

  2. themaniac

    themaniac Well-Known Member

    I don't think your phone is the problem here, may be the operator you using (vodafone, orange, etc.)
  3. rydern

    rydern New Member

    I use Verizon, should i give them a call?

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