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  1. Sandcracka

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    Hi, I've searched all over the web and still can't find an answer for this for the life of me. I've just bought the TF700T and I want to be able to connect this to my TV via hdmi. I have a Sony Bravia that only has 2 hdmi inputs, and currently I am using both for my pc and cable. If I want to connect this device to my TV I'm going to need to buy an a/v receiver, however I want to keep my pc connected to the TV via one of the Bravia hdmi ports so the receiver will be using the other.

    I know people have reported that this will connect to a TV no problem. But, will this work well with an a/v receiver? Has anyone tested??? Does anyone know of any receivers that work well with the TF700T and which ones do not?

    Any feedback appreciated!

  2. jgriner

    jgriner Well-Known Member

    Go to radio Shack and get a htmi switcher would be the cheapest way out.

    Or you could go with a audio receiver that has multiple htmi imports with one out to the extra port on the tv then if u wanted to watch cable select the cable function, or a different import for the tablet

    Both should work fine.
  3. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    Actually, I saw a post at XDA where a user tried something similar and it did NOT wok. The TV never acknowledged the incoming signal from the Infinity through the receiver.

    YMMV. Only way to know for sure is to try it yourself.
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  5. Sandcracka

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    It's possible that those guys over at xda are running a custom rom and that's why they weren't able to get it to work as custom roms can have troubles with certain function of the tablet...
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