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  1. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member




    Also special thanks to microhaxo for tweaking the ota 1.6 update and getting rid of all that junk in the trunk.


    WE need root and your magic to make this the best rom for the beholdII.

    Care for your last curtain call rom for the behold II before saying goodbye forever??

    Either way, thank you for all you have done for us. :)

    PS: We will help anyone who didn't get the update, to flash their phones, its really easy, so don't give up if you were waiting for the OTA update.

    First flash the phone, and if you dont like it, then give up lol

  2. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member

    agreed i was around for the first 4 months of the behold being out and for the past day or so, everyone is awesome and i would love to see you guys work some voodoo magic with the 1.6 at the very least a rooted version.

    thanks guise!
  3. grennis

    grennis Well-Known Member

    BHMan (Eugene373) does not have his Behold2 phone anymore so dont hold your breath, sadly... I'm in the same boat too
  4. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    i saw in a forum that he would help root it, i think.

    Also, the man can make a rom with his eyes closed, he's a genius!

    he probably knows the behold inside and out (except for hardware source code drivers)
  5. grennis

    grennis Well-Known Member

    you are right, sorry about that, I hadn't even bothered to check these forums lately. Glad to see work is still being done on this phone!
  6. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    This has been "one ole ride"... While I cannot say that I have enjoyed it, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the wonderful people who along with me, purchased and or believed in the Behold 2's potential and who contribute daily to this forum.

    So to all the Behold 2 gang - Thanks for hangin' in there. We tried. We even fussed and fought. But underneath it all, we only wanted this sucker to *work* as promised and presumably designed. We were "had" by Samsung. period.

    To the root team led by BH_Man and of late Nu11u5, you guys are the BEST!!!

    While I will never in my right mind purchase another Samsung phone, Android OS on the other hand is the greatest thing to happen to the industry since the StarTac - It changed the face of the industry and I am totally an Android-ette, LOL.

    I am excited to see where the industry and Android are headed. I think GOOGLE has always had a plan. I watch what they *do*...They are buying up stuff (companies) and opening up stuff (i.e. Google Voice) - I wouldn't be surprised to hear that one day they purchased a cell phone carrier. Why "rent" when you can OWN? LOL

    Btw, I did not get the update and so I am finally giving up the Behold 2 and moving on. I thought I might try to suffer through until August when the Desire drops but, I can't hang one minute longer than I have to with this brick. It is just unbearable. I still think that the Behold 2 is pretty. I will miss that part of it. But I will get over it, LOL
  7. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member

    oddly enough im one of the people who have been happy with their behold2 from day 1 of me getting it until now. still love it and im happy. and thats what matters. your own individual happyness. if im happy with it, why should anyone else who's opinion is different matter?
  8. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    Dude, why are you giving up?

    Don't you realize what this post is regading to????

    We have the ota update and now we are making it possible for everyone to get it.

    The wait is over!

    If you are crying because you weren't lucky to get the ota update, then just flash the phone.

    Its the exaxt same update that you would get over the air!
  9. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    A. I am NOT a dude. LOL
    B. I am not crying. I'm just not willing to put any more effort into this phone.
    C. This was a thank-you thread, yes? I thanked some people.
    D. I simply stated that not having received the update was it for me. I'm not going to root. I would, if I had no alternative at all, but I do. I appreciate your concern or interest. I appreciate all that everyone contributed on the B2. It's just time to go for me. No biggie.
    E. I am actually happy that *something* was able to be done for those who are continuing on with the B2.
  10. grennis

    grennis Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's kind of crazy... he kept the phone when the bad news of 2.1 was announced, but he is getting rid of it when he didn't get the 1.6 OTA update? He could have flashed Eugene's 1.6 a month ago... WTF
  11. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member


    Let's not get our undies in a knot over this, shall we?

    She is not a *he*...She ain't gonna root. But that is not the reason for this thread nor was it the crux of my post.

    Grennis - I have put up with this phone since December of last year. I'm simply moving on. No big deal.
  12. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member

    i flashed my behold 2 to the ota 1.6 it doesnt root. its 4 buttons and youre good to go.
  13. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    Ok dudette, let me get this straight,

    U have put your phone away to die, and you don't want to practice flashing the phone???

    What's the worst that can happen? You break it???? Its never going to be used it again!!!

    Just give it a try! Learn something new!
  14. Streetman

    Streetman Well-Known Member

    Wow, let the girl do her thing. It's just a damn phone. She's not leaving you for your best friend or anything.

    Wait. Wait one second. Are you having an affair with the iPhone 4? You slut! I hate you!

    I was fine with the breakup until I knew Mac was involved. Now I'm pissed.
  15. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    ROTFLOL. Street? Street? Um, back away from the keyboard. No more stimulants tonight either. We are going to turn off our little monitor and let our eyes rest. In fact, go into the kitchen...grab no. Wait. No grabbing. It might have sugar in it...that would be DISASTROUS. Ok. Just rest. I'll tell you a bedtime story.

    Once upon a time there were 3 major cell phone manufacturers...And they lived simultaneously in the global village and all the people were vewwy happy. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  16. psz

    psz Well-Known Member

    For the record, there is no need to Root the phone to use ODIN.

    I've flashed this phone at least 10 times in the last six months, and not once have I ever rooted it manually (Some of the ROMs came pre-rooted)
  17. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    ok mr street, here is what gets me,

    she/he (jk) is on the behold forums, doesn't want to flash, is saying thank you to the people that helped make the ota possible, and yet she doesn't even try to get the 1.6 oem rom.

    she says that since she was not lucky enough to receive the update, now she is going to retire the phone.

    Its like saying, "since i didn't WIN the turkey, I'm not going to have thanksgiving, even though there are people giving out free turkeys"

    Its the exact same turkey!

    So had she of received the OTA update, she would have not retired the phone, and had been a happy camper.

    and the fact that she is never going to use the phone again is perfect reason to pratice flashing it and messing with it. Who knows, she might like it?

    The point is that life is too short to restrict yourself from trying things.

    "No i dont want to bungee jump because the cord might snap"
    "No I dont want to sky dive because the parachute might not work"
    "No I dont want to flash my phone because I might brick it"

    If your behold II breaks, she still has another phone, its not like she is losing a phone forever. Honestly, there is like a 1% chance of bricking a phone.

    Theres a higher chance of getting into a car accident or getting a disease.

    Here is my quote for you,

    "LIVE LIFE AND FLASH!" (not the most appropriate quote, but a good one to live by"
  18. Streetman

    Streetman Well-Known Member

    OK, Mr. rleal2010, here's what gets me:

    You're really upset over someone, someone you don't even know, not doing what you want...with a phone...that's not yours.
  19. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    Real. Let it go. You're new here. In order for you to see the big picture, you'd have to follow our posts back from last year up till now. You're excited. I'm happy for you and all who finally got the update. But seriously, It's not that deep. Let it go.

    My deal was, after all my problems and mayhem with this phone that I was ASKED to wait to receive the OTA update to see if it might fix the problems with the phone. The phone was incapable of getting it OTA. I get a new phone. End of story.

    There is a reason that others dropped the B2 and got new phones for themselves. Those who are waiting for the galaxy are moving on also. Their choice. Choice. It's a good thing.

    BH_man needed to be acknowledged for his dedication to doing all that he could to breathe life into the B2. He hung with it until they hit the latest hurdle and it was made clear that there would be no drivers released to update the phone past 1.6 - But that is another story.

    Its the Fourth Of July weekend. I'm having Bar-B-Que. Happy holiday! Enjoy your turkey (as you called it).
  20. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    Happy fourth of july.

    Please accept my apologies here
  21. Streetman

    Streetman Well-Known Member

    I'm saving a few firecrackers to blow up my Behold II if I don't get the update on Monday. I'm not rooting, I'm exploding it. I'll post the video here.
  22. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    omg, its not the behold's fault that sammy neglected it.

    just flash the freaking thing and you will experience the behold at its best.

    Or better yet, go look through the other forums and find a kid that is posting

    "i wish I had an android phone, I would be happy with 1.5"

    I believe that people here pull together to help make this a more enjoyable ride. I've seen people sticking together and helping each other the entire time.

    Sure i'm new compared to some of you, however I have been taking all the information into account. I have had my ups and downs with flashing the phone, making a few friends (few enemies), but i have enjoyed my time.

    Why dont you try to flash it, if you brick it, then blow it up.

    I mean what would happen if you actually succeeded in flashing the phone ??? omg, then you could get yourself the oem 1.6 update and actually enjoy the phone?!?!?!

    Look i'm not a samsung lover, I despise them, but right now I'm trying to stick up for opportunities to learn. At least just try to root/flash before you blow up the thing.

    Even if you succeed in rooting/flashing, I dont care if you blow it up afterwards.

    But it just sounds silly that "if i dont get the update OTA, then i'm going to blow it up"
    Some people here have worked hard to get you the chance to flash your phone and you want to thank their hard work by blowing up your phone?

    ok nevermind, i understand some people just like to light me up lol
  23. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    I can't really JUST let it go.

    I have a new mytouch slide, and its perfect to my eyes, no fc's no nothing.

    But just because my phone world is perfect, that doesn't mean I dont look back and look at all the people struggling with their new behold II.

    I want them to have an enjoyable experience too.

    Also, the behold II has every reason to be rooted. No more updates for it ever again.

    I havent rooted my slide because i'm afraid of not being able to get froyo when it gets the update.

    but like i said, the behold is different, it wont get froyo from ota ever. It might one day get it through a rom, if we can find those drivers or if we can translate drivers from another country for a similar samsung device.

    Also, I dont want new members to be afraid of flashing their phones. I was extremely afraid because I was new.

    The process is extremely easy and when the newbies see that the oldies here haven't attempted flashing their phone, how much encouragement will that bring them?

    I guess sometimes i care too much.
  24. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    I understand and applaud your passion. But you must understand that we have run the emotional gamut with this phone since it launched. Battle weary? Yep!

    We have all been where you are right now at one point or other. Some of us are just on the other side of the curve. We got on the B2 bus, took the ridiculously bumpy ride only to find out it wasn't going anywhere.

    Rooting/Flashing/Mod-ing this phone has been the only hope it ever had of living up to its potential. For those who are keeping the B2, 1.6 is said to improve speed. Some are reporting abysmal battery life, reduction of system memory and the ever present rebooting, even after the update, however.

    I encourage you to keep your zeal intact. It is refreshing. Aesthetically speaking, I have always thought the B2 was a pretty phone. As for me, it is way past time to move on from it.
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  25. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member

    as i've said before, im one of the rare gems who have always loved his behold 2. love it.

    i never flashed or tired of waiting and i flashed it to oem 1.6. was an awesome learning experience. i hope theres a root for 1.6 oem because i'd like to root the phone for more app space.

    i also wonder if theres a custom rom that leaves the original stock twiz camera.

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