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  1. Scotts Droid

    Scotts Droid Member

    First post here, though I have been looking/lurking around Phandroid since buying into the original Droid over 4 years ago.
    This post, and my joining up, was mostly to thank Thom and some of the others who help out with questions (from others) and opinions regarding devices. I have purchased devices based on things I have read and learned here.
    My last device was a Bionic I bought a little over 2 years ago. Coming from the original Droid it was amazing. I really liked the device especially after the JB upgrade and had no reason to want something different. A couple of weeks ago the speaker in the Bionic stopped working and then started working a day later. That lasted about a week and then it stopped working once more. I did call Motorola and they ran some checks and had me do some things with the phone but they really had no idea what was wrong with it.
    Based on Thom's recommendation from the Bionic forum I had already been researching the Maxx and bought one a little over a week ago. Great device and I do expect I will have it for a while.

    Again, thank you Thom and others who unknowingly helped a brother out!

    Scott :)

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  2. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    Welcome to Android Forums. Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad it is working out for you. I got the Maxx the first hour it was out and it is simply astonishing to me.

    ... Thom
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  3. lewwill

    lewwill Well-Known Member

    Welcome and I agree with Thom. I also got a Bionic on release day and it was still working great when I retired it on Maxx release day. I have been absolute amazed by the Maxx and the range of features and it will only get better. Great choice.
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  4. teddyearp

    teddyearp A guide with guides

    *sigh* I do miss Motorola, just wish they'd put out another phone as open as the A855 . . . . hating their locked bootloader and hating their "You can buy a developer edition phone" even more. . . .
  5. belledee

    belledee Well-Known Member

    check this tread out, since you are within the 14 day period assuming you bought the phone at the subsidized price
  6. Scotts Droid

    Scotts Droid Member

    Thanks for the heads up. Just back in town to see the post about the $100 off so I have missed out. Shhhhhoooot!

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